Advising the international community of KU is one of ICO’s major responsibilities. ICO provides advising to international students, researchers, faculty and administrative staff with appointments.

Advising is available through online and in-person appointments. To speak with an advisor, please make an appointment below.

Common Advising Topics

  • Residence Permit application or extension
  • Health Insurance
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Life in Türkiye as a foreigner
  • Who to speak to/what to do on certain issues on campus

Advising Structure


Advising records remain confidential unless your information is needed by another university staff for professional purposes.



ICO advisors are trained professionals who research the latest information about topics relevant to the International Community at Koç University. We respect everyone’s concerns and welcome constructive feedback.



We can provide advice on matters listed above, but we might have to refer you to other university departments or external resources for issues such as criminal or civil court cases, Turkish tax regulations, mental health, and personal counseling.