When you finish filling out the online application form, print it out and sign the signature field on the 5th page.

Double-check your documents before submission. Please contact us if you have any questions on the required documents at ico@ku.edu.tr.

Submit your documents in time: It is very important that you complete this process and submit your documents to the ICO immediately after your arrival to the university (max. 5 days) during Orientation Weeks at semes. If you have any difficulty, please contact us right away at ico@ku.edu.tr.

Selecting the appointment date: The date of the appointment will be automatically assigned by the system. This date does not matter FOR FIRST TIME APPLICATIONS since we will submit their applications as a university and they are not expected to appear at your interview. However, those who make RENEWAL APPLICATIONS must go to their appointments at an Immigration Office they select and submit their documents in person. A notification regarding the date and time of their appointments will be sent to where they chose to receive their verification codes (e-mail or SMS).