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[icon icon=”map-marker” color=”#990000″] Istanbul

Istanbul is in northwestern Turkey in Marmara Region. It is the largest metropolitan in Turkey with the largest population (approx. 15 million) and 39 districts. The city is divided into two sides: the European side in the West and the Asian/Anatolian side in the East. The watercourse that divides the city is the Bosphorus. “As a seaport, it is both the closest Asian city to Europe and the closest European city to Asia” (Istanbul.com). Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the entire world history and today. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provides a detailed overview about city’s history, arts & culture, population, security and current events. Their website can be a good starting point to familiarize yourself with this magical place.

[icon icon=”map-marker” color=”#990000″] Koc University

Koc University is located in mid-Northwestern Istanbul, in Sariyer district on the European Side. The university looks over Black Sea in the north and Marmara in the southeast. Visit KU’s contact web page for a closer look at the university location, transportation options and address info.

Main Campus Plan Map