Accepted students who want to stay at the university dorms must apply and make payments during the assigned period. The ICO does not provide any assistance on off-campus housing. If you choose to live off-campus at a self-arranged accommodation, you can check out a few sources at the following link: Off-Campus Housing. This link is only a recommendation and we do not assume any responsibility in case of any conflict or disappointment. Please feel free to refer to the route maps we provide in this document to conveniently search and find off-campus housing as they show the start and endpoints of the public transit (BUS 154 and M2 Green Line Metro) that are closest to the main campus.

Graduate Students and Scholars

Most graduate students, depending on the scope of their scholarships, and post-doc researchers are offered fully furnished off-campus housing in compound style shared apartments known as “Assistant Apartments” (“Lojman” in Turkish) located near West Campus. Free shuttle transportation to and from Main Campus is available to KU members. West Campus is within walking distance to these residences so that they can visit/ benefit from the facilities on the West Campus conveniently.

Please contact your program advisor for housing-related questions, and they will refer you to the appropriate resources.

For all your housing-related questions or concerns, please email housing@ku.edu.tr.
For your technical work requests please submit a form via //h-trackit.ku.edu.tr/.
Please speak with housing staff to learn more about housing-related track-it service, repair wait times, what to do, etc.

New faculty members and their families are assigned private apartments.

The Human Resources Office communicates with the new faculty members in advance of their arrival. For more information, you can contact your contact person at HR.

Upon arrival to campus, you will be welcomed by security. Please be prepared to present a picture ID (i.e. passport) and a copy of your acceptance letter. Please note that the security guards speak little to no English. However, they will guide you so you can proceed to the housing office to complete your check-in procedures. Please cooperate with security as they might need you to fill out a guest form and check-in your ID until you leave campus.

Check-in and dorm/apartment key acquisitions for all students and non-student residents must be made at the main campus Housing Office located in S Building. Graduate students must also visit the main campus housing office to select their apartments from a draw (lottery style), sign their housing contracts, and pick up their apartment keys. Housing office personnel will assist graduate students in calling a taxi to take them to their off-campus apartment complex located within 5 minutes from the main campus.

Undergraduate students will be shown their rooms and will be able to check in on the premises right away.

All new students must arrive on the dates specified on the academic calendar, the pre-arrival guide, and the housing department’s website.

During the COVID-19 period, the Housing Directorate and university management can re-regulate dormitory application policies. Please always follow up the housing procedures with the Housing department at //dorms.ku.edu.tr/en/.
You can contact the Housing Department at housing@ku.edu.tr.