Residence Permit

Students enrolled in an academic program in Turkey for 3 months or longer are obliged to acquire a residence permit as per Foreigners’ Protection and Immigration Laws. As the entry to Turkey can be through a visa (regular or electronic), passport or other entry document, the online residence permit application must be submitted before the expiration date of these. Each student must be aware of the expiration date of their visas or the amount of time allowed in Turkey with other documents.

ICO attends to the legal obligations of each international student in collaboration with respective program and administrative offices from the moment of acceptance and enrollment. Please review the official website of the Immigration Authority for further information about first time and renewal applications.


All applications are online and each student must complete the online appointment form when he/she is instructed to do so by our office. For renewal applications, FIRST TIME APPLICATION option can be used as this will help students receive their new residence permit quicker. In this case, the applicant must appear for an interview on the date of the appointment.

Delivery of the Residence Permit to the Applicant

Residence permits will be delivered to the University mail center and students will collect them from their program advisors. Full-time students/scholars will collect them from the International Community Office. All card recipients will be able to collect their documents following an email notification.

​Student’s Residence Permit Checklist:

  1. ​Fill out the online appointment form
  2. Print Out the completed form (watch our video tutorial while completing the form and use the info such as university address, enrollment type etc.)
  3. Bring your Appointment Form
  4. Obtain your enrollment certificate in Turkish from Koç University’s Registrar (watch this video to do it)
  5. Passport Photocopy after arriving in Turkey (ID page, visa page if you got a visa, last entry stamp page for Turkey),
  6. 4 biometric headshots (biometric self-service photo booth available on campus, you can do it after your arrival too)
  7. Health Insurance compliance letter to be provided by ICO after arrival to school
  8. Financial statement letter to be provided by ICO after arrival to school

Things to Note:

Travel Permit: When you submit your residence permit application to official immigration authorities, you are entitled to a travel permit upon the completion of your application. Once the application process is complete, you can request your travel permit through your program advisor. Travel permits are especially useful for those who entered Turkey on Single Entry visa. Single Entry visa holders can travel with this interim permit without having their visa voided. The travel permit is valid for a total amount of 15 days in a period of 6 months. However, 15 days can be split between multiple travels.

Student Residence Permit Renewal Process

It is very important for students to stay abreast of the immigration regulations and their legal status in Turkey. In this page you will find the most up-to-date information about the residence permit renewal process. Please be warned that if you have recently renewed your passport, the renewal process will be slightly different from the regular renewal. We have included a separate section for this on this page. Contact ICO for any doubts.



Residence Permit renewal applications can be made as early as 60 days before expiration, and as late as the very last day of the permit validity (the expiration date). Applications made after the expiration date must be made as FIRST TIME APPLICATIONS within 10 days from the expiration date and are subject to a small fine (payable online).



  • Applications made past this 10 day period are not accepted and the applicant must travel outside Turkey and come back to do a first time application within 10 days from the date of re-entry.
  • All documents must be ready before making the renewal application



  • Once the renewal application process is complete through the system, it must be sent by post or courier to this address WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS (your application will be cancelled otherwise):

İl Göç İdaresi Bakırköy Şubesi  Zeytinlik Mahallesi, Lamibey Sk. No:11, 34140 Bakırköy/İstanbul



  • Residence card payment can be made with foreign credit cards using the online payment system without going to the bank or the tax office. However, you can also choose to pay at Ziraat Bank or İş Bank with the payment code of 9267 and at the Tax Office on Vatan Street close to Fatih Immigration Office Headquarters



  • Health Insurance information will be requested when making an appointment. You can get this information from the human resources department by emailing Ms. Ayca Oner ( .
  • Do not start the extension process until you get your originally signed insurance policy from human resources
  • Write 0 or 1 (whichever is accepted) for the insurance renewal information (sigorta yenileme no) question
  • If the insurance policy expiration date is 3 months later, write the same date for the requested validity date of residence permit (the residence period cannot be longer than the insurance period, the system will not allow this.)
  • Get a letter from human resources confirming the expected renewal of your insurance. This way, you will be able to get a long residence permit period even if the insurance period is short. The contact person for this support letter is Ayca Oner ( from human resources. She will assist you with regards to the health insurance matters.



  • Visit and click on “I would like to lodge an application for renewal”.
  • If you have used your new passport while entering Turkey, use your new passport information. If you have never travelled with your new passport, use your old passport number and enter the dates of your new passport. This way you do not have to go for an in-person appointment.
  • If your passport is new and you entered Turkey with the new passport, you will be directed to the appointment section. You must select “FATIH” for the appointment location. Within 15 days, you will receive a notification email or SMS (text message on your mobile phone) regarding your appointment date/time. You can also check the status of your renewal appointment online via After opening this link, enter the necessary information, access your form, and go to PRINT section to check if a date has been appointed for your application. If you do this after the email/SMS notification, your dates will definitely be up there.

Mailing Address for Renewal Documents: İl Göç İdaresi Bakırköy Şubesi  Zeytinlik Mahallesi, Lamibey Sk. No:11, 34140 Bakırköy/İstanbul



The official website of the Immigration Directorate has a very detailed list of required documents. Below you can find a simplified version of that list and be assured that this is all you need to submit for the renewal process:

  • 4 photos (with white background)
  • Photocopy of the passport ID page and the last entry page
  • Printout of receipt of card fee payment paid via the system (a bank receipt if payment was made through the bank)
  • Student enrollment certificate (recently dated, in Turkish, must be requested online via:
  • Originally signed health insurance policy to be obtained from the human resources office. Request by emailing (
  • Letter from human resources ensuring the extension of the health insurance upon expiration. Request letter by emailing (
  • Photocopy of the both sides of the old residence permit
  • Print a copy of the renewal application through the website
  • Financial statement document, filled and signed by the applicant (downloadable here). Sample form here.