Do I need to buy a converter for plugs?

European Grounded (Schuko) adapters are used in Turkey, so depending on where you’re from, you might need to bring an adaptor.

How is the weather on campus or in Turkey generally?

Istanbul experiences all four seasons. The city’s hot and humid summer season begins in mid-June and lasts through to mid-September. From October to March, the city can be rainy and windy. During the winter (from December to February), Istanbul’s coastal regions experience mild snowfalls but higher areas such as Sarıyer experience a harsh cold and heavier snowfall. You are advised to bring your swimming suit and cap for the summer but also your raincoat and warm clothes for the wintertime.

How should I dress in Turkey?

Contemporary clothing is widely accepted and there’re no rules or restrictions whatsoever; however, in order to avoid unwanted attention on public transportation or places of religious worship, it is best to dress modestly. If you’re traveling to different regions of Turkey it’d be very helpful to simply ask a Turkish friend about local customs (including dress code).

How much is the approximate living expense at Koç University?

Housing expenses on campus differ between 5500 ₺ to 31000₺. For dormitory fees, you can visit:// Expenses made for class material may vary between 500-600 ₺. At the dining hall, a student meal menu of 3 items is 8.5 ₺. Public transportation costs are around 2.5-4 ₺ per trip. A taxi from Taksim to campus is around 85 ₺. For more information, you can visit: //

Are dormitory fees the same for domestic and international residents?

Yes, the dorm fees are the same for everyone.

What are the dorm rooms equipped with?

The dorm rooms are equipped with a bed (with mattress cover), a wardrobe, a nightstand, a desk and a chair, a desk lamp per person and a mini-fridge. Upon request, the dorm management can also provide you a pillow and a blanket. Bed sheets are not provided.

What are the bathrooms equipped with?

The shared bathrooms are equipped with toilet cubicles, sinks, foam soap and paper towel dispensers.

Are there laundry services in the dorm building?

There are laundry machines, tumble dryers, and electric irons in the laundry rooms located in every dorm building.

Is there a cleaning service for the rooms?

The single and double rooms are cleaned once a week, whereas rooms for 3/4 people are cleaned twice a week by the cleaning staff.

Are there kitchens in the dorm building? What kitchen equipment is there in the kitchen?

On the main campus, each building has a kitchen equipped with a stove, a microwave, a sink, and cupboards. In the West Campus, there is one common kitchen equipped with the same appliances.

Which documents should I bring with me as original or photocopy?

You need to bring your passport, at least 8 passport size pictures, ATM/credit cards, and your marriage certificate if you are coming with your spouse.

What kind of visa do I need? Do I have to get residence permit?

Your visa must correspond with the purpose of your visit/stay. Please go to the respective menu on // for specific visa info. If your engagement with Koç University will be longer than one month, please consult with the International Community Office at about your residence permit application.

Is it required to have a health insurance as a foreigner in Turkey?

Insurance is a must for anyone in a foreign country; however, there are specific official requirements for each type of foreigner at a higher education institution. For this specific info, please visit the respective menu on //

How can I use my mobile phone in Turkey?

All mobile phones used in Turkey need to be registered with the government. It costs around 1500 ₺. Unregistered phones will be blocked and unable to receive or make calls within 120 days. You can also buy another mobile phone here (brand new or second hand) and refrain from paying any fee for registration. You can read more details about the phone registration process in the Newcomers’ Guide. You will also receive instructions and assistance about mobile phone registration during your orientation at Koç University.

Are there monthly plans available for cell phones in Turkey?

There are several operators and plans in Turkey. Three major GSM companies in Turkey are TurkcellTürk Telekom, and Vodafone.

They constantly promote their deals. For more information before you obtain a Turkish number, please check out the following link: //

Can I use my credit cards on campus?

Yes, credit cards of Visa, Maestro and Mastercard are widely accepted. American Express is also sometimes accepted. You should contact your issuing bank or financial institution to notify them of your travels. You must enter a 4 digit PIN number to use a credit card in Turkey. If your card works with only your signature and you do not have a PIN number, you might want to ask the vendor first if they accept signature to make the transaction. For more information you can visit: //

Do I need to open a Turkish bank account?

Yes, it is necessary to open a bank account if you receive stipends or have a scholarship. Even if you do not, it is still recommended that you open a Turkish bank account so you can get a Turkish credit or debit card and avoid paying international transaction or banking fees.

For more informaiton: //

How can I open a bank account?

You can open a bank account after you obtain your residence permit/work permit and foreign ID number. It is highly recommended that you open your account at Yapi Kredi, since there is a branch on campus.

For more informaiton: //

If you need a local bank account urgently please email for assistance.

Is there wireless internet connection on campus?

Yes, there is a wireless network named KU for which you will be provided with user info upon your enrollment as a student or employee. For computing related questions, you can always email (you will receive a response within 24 hours).

Can I work in Turkey as an international student?

Students cannot be employed.

How can I volunteer in Turkey?

There is a student club named KU Volunteers which you can join. You can check our Volunteering Off-Campus page for more information.

Other volunteering options:
– Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG – Community Volunteers Foundation) Website: // 

– Türk Eğitim Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TEGV – Educational Volunteers) Website: //

– TEMA – (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) Website: //

Who needs to get a tax ID?

Full-time graduate/undergraduate students, exchange students who will purchase private health insurance in Turkey or pay the residence permit card fee, researchers who will work at Koç University for 6 months or more, and interns.

How can I get a tax ID?

All you need for a tax ID application is your passport and an application form that’s available here (sample form here). You can simply apply for a tax ID and obtain one within minutes from any tax office. You can find more info and download the instructions sheet for Sariyer Tax Office at //

Who needs to get a tax ID?

Full-time graduate/undergraduate students, exchange students who will purchase private health insurance in Turkey or pay the residence permit card fee, researchers who will work at Koç University for 6 months or more, and interns.

How can I get a tax ID?

All you need for a tax ID application is your passport and an application form that’s available here (sample form here). You can simply apply for a tax ID and obtain one within minutes from any tax office. You can find more info and download the instructions sheet for Sariyer Tax Office at //

How can I find recommended doctors, physicians, dentists?

You can use the website Medigo: // This site provides a price estimate, the location, a contact person in the clinic, and easy communication with the clinic through a short online form.

How can I find help for home services such as babysitters, tutors, cleaners, senior care, etc.?

– Great Au Pair. This site provides the information of au pairs, nannies, babysitters, pet sitters, housekeepers, tutors, and senior care, along with reviews on them.
Link: //…

– Nanny Turkey. This site lists its principal services as connecting clients with nannies, babysitters, caretakers for seniors and patients, maid services, holiday nannies during a vacation in Turkey, maternity nurses, and many more listed on their homepage: //

How can I access news and info about the local community?

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has an English website, which can be accessed here. It has news related to international events in Istanbul.

Where are the nearest pharmacies? How can I locate them?

On the main street of Sarıyer, there are many pharmacies on both sides of the road. However, if it is not the usual working hours or if it’s a Sunday, you’ll need to find the pharmacy on duty. There is a website that lists all the pharmacies on duty according to the date, along with their addresses and their places on the map. You can find the link below.

Where are the nearest hairdressers?

Divan Kuaför– Main Campus: At the Students Center, lower 3rd floor. It is next to the Student Center elevator and the dry cleaner.

Makas Kuaför – Sarıyer: After the end of the main street of Sarıyer, turn right and follow the main street parallel to the sea. After walking for a few minutes, you will see it on your right. Website: //

Gökhan Akyıldız – Sarıyer: On the main street of Sarıyer, it is to your right when you’re walking towards the port. Behind the Şehit Mithat Yılmaz St. Bus Station.

Where are the nearest dry cleaners?

There is a dry cleaning service on campus. It’s located in Student Center right across from the elevator on -3rd floor.

There are also other options in downtown Sariyer:
– Dry Center – Kanyon & Cevahir: There is a dry cleaning place called Dry Center inside the malls Kanyon and Cevahir.
– Dry World – Sarıyer: As you’re heading towards the sea from the main street, turn left onto the Kudretullah Efendi Street and you will see Dry World.

Where are the nearest grocery stores?

The closest market is Migros within the campus. However, several grocery stores are available in Sarıyer along the Şehit Mithat Yılmaz Street.

Where are the nearest shopping malls?

The nearest shopping malls are İstinye Park, Kanyon and Cevahir, all of which are accessible via public transport. Please refer to the community guide you will be provided with upon your arrival for further info.

How can I go to the West Campus from the Main Campus?

There are ring shuttles that go between the two campuses, with hours that vary according to time of the year. The schedule can be found online. These shuttles will have a sign on them that says Batı Kampüs (West Campus). For shuttle schedule, please check here.

There are also minibuses that pass from the West Campus station every 15 minutes.

How does one go to the city center from the University?

Some minibusses take off from the University, going to Sarıyer. From Sarıyer, you can take other buses or minibusses to various locations in the city center or to the Hacıosman metro station, which will give you easy access to other locations in Istanbul.
You can also use the paid shuttles that directly goes to the Hacıosman Metro Station. This is the fastest option to reach the metro station.

For more information: //

How can I find out about transportation for Istanbul airports?

Please visit our page for instructions on transportation for each airport in Istanbul.

What is IstanbulKart? How can I get a regular public transportation card aka Akbil or Istanbul Kart?

Regular public transit card is a special electro-magnetic smart card that allows passengers to use for any type of public transport in Istanbul. You can find the details and how to obtain an anonymous card at // and //

Where are the closest bus stops?

There is a bus stop inside the university from which the bus 154 takes off. There is another bus station just outside the school’s main gate and another one near the West Campus from which several other buses pass.

Where is the closest metro station?

The closest metro station is Hacıosman which you can reach via bus, minibus or paid shuttle.

Where are the closest taxi stands?

Martı Taxi and Sarıyer Taxi are close to both campuses.  You can call a cab from the following phone numbers:
– Martı Taxi: 0212 341 11 84
– Sarıyer Taxi: 0212 342 13 14

Where can I buy bus tickets for long distance trips within Turkey?

Here are some bus companies that have a branch in Sarıyer:
Kamil Koç: // ,

Metro: // (has English version),


You can also look for a bus ticket at //

How can I buy plane tickets?

Aside from international websites such as Skyscanner, Ucuzabilet, Turna; you can also visit the Pegasus Airlines, Atlas Global Airlines, and Turkish Airlines websites for plane tickets.

What are the food facilities on campus?

The student cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and also provides a la carte options. The daily menus are published on the Koç University mobile app, as well as written in Turkish and English in the cafeteria. In the student center, there are various restaurants that serve different selections such as home cooked meals, burgers, wraps, pasta, salad, and dessert options. There are similar food options in the S building in the dorms area.

Is there only Turkish food available on campus?

No, along with many options of international food, Turkish food is also sold on campus.

Is it possible to order food or grocery from outside? It is the most popular food delivery page, delivering food from almost every restaurant. You don’t have to provide any credit card info as you can pay at the door with cash or credit: // It also has an application for smartphones which you can download for free.

Migros Virtual Supermarket: Offers delivery of a wide variety of products and provides many options for payment, including paying at the door:
It also has an application for smartphones which you can download for free.

Macrocenter: Offers grocery delivery via their mobile app: //

Are there special dietary options on campus? (vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free)

Although there aren’t any specifically vegan/vegetarian restaurants on campus, most restaurants and cafes provide vegan/vegetarian options. There are some gluten-free foods sold in markets like Migros.

Is it possible to cook my own food on campus?

Yes, there are kitchens in the dorm areas and there is a grocery store on campus. However, you need to bring your own cooking equipment such as pots, pans or dishware.

What are the sports facilities on campus?

The campus has a gym which includes a multi-purpose court, running parkour, squash and racquetball courts, fitness center, aerobics and dance studios, table tennis section, and a climbing wall. There are two open-air tennis courts, one open-air football field and an indoor ice-skating rink. The outdoor pool is on the main campus and the indoor pool is located on West Campus.

For more information about the sports facilities, you can check: //

What are the working hours for gym/pool/ ice skating rink?

You can find the facilities’ working hours in the following link:

You can find the ice skating rink working hours in the following link:

What are the health facilities in campus?

There is a Health Center within “S” building (Housing Management Office) that is open 24/7.

What are the hours of the Health Center?

The emergency room is open 24 hours, every day of the week. There are three policlinic shifts: 07:30-12:00, 13:30-17:30 and 18:30-07:30. On Sundays, the morning policlinic shift starts at 09:00 instead of 07:30

What are the library hours?

The library building is open 24 hours every day. The reference services are open from 8:30 am. to 10:30 pm. Any changes to the working hours, such as during vacations or national holidays, will be announced through email.

Where can I study alone or in a group on campus?

The library has many quiet areas for studying and also has study rooms which you can book to study with a group. For more information: //

There are study rooms under each dorm in the main campus and there are several bigger study rooms on the West Campus.

Is the campus accessible for people with disabilities?

The campus is accessible for people with disabilities and the Office of Disability Services is working to improve the facilities offered for students with special needs. Special needs students are also given priority in dorm rooms, with guaranteed housing in an easily accessible building.

The campus is designed as disabled-friendly. All buildings are accessible and tactile paving is used around the campus. There are braille signs and the library had sources for disabled individuals.

Are there any facilities that the University offers for visually impaired students?

There is a printer that can print in Braille as well as the JAWS for Windows program which reads out the texts on a computer. This program is available on a computer in the computer lab. There is a scanner so that students can transfer written material onto a computer. There are assistant students who help students with special needs during their school day. Please contact Nihan Karahalil for more information:

Are there any facilities that the University offers students with physical disabilities?

There are ramps throughout the school grounds, including the entrances to the dorms rooms in order to facilitate wheelchair access. Also, there are textured paths throughout the entire campus. Classrooms and exam locations are arranged in accordance with their accessibility for the student. According to the student’s needs, a battery-operated wheelchair is provided to facilitate access on the school grounds.

What is the emergency number to call in Turkey?

There are several emergency numbers for each occasion however there is no guarantee that English will be spoken. Police: 155 Fire: 110 Ambulance: 112. It is better for you to call campus emergency numbers and your mentor first. Emergency in campus: 1122

Are there restrictions going in or out of the campus as a student?

No, there are only restrictions for visitors (they are not allowed after 11 PM). Students can come to or go out of the campus at any time.

Is the campus open to the public?

No, the campus is not open to the public. Only people affiliated with the university and their guests are allowed.

Can guests stay on campus?

No, the dorms do not offer such service. There is no place for guests to stay on campus.

Can family/friends come and visit the campus?

Yes, if you notify security on campus, they will allow guests to come in.

What is the legal alcohol consumption age in Turkey?

The legal alcohol consumption age is 18.

What happens if I use drugs or consume alcohol on campus?

The Student Code of Conduct states that “Students cannot possess, consume or transport alcoholic beverages on campus, in any university-owned buildings, or on university property. Public intoxication and/or driving under the influence is prohibited. Possession, use, sale or attempt to obtain any illegal substance is considered a grave violation of the Code of Conduct.”

What happens if somebody is subjected to torts or wrongful acts on campus?

You can find the detailed information regarding students’ rights and responsibilities in the following link: //

Who can help me get by at hospitals in case of an emergency?

We have an emergency response team comprised of students and they are responsible for attending to your medical needs. You will be given their contact information upon arrival.

Emergency on campus: 1122


Why do I need to carry my Koç ID card?

You have to show your Koç ID card at the entrance of the Main and the West Campus. You also might need your Koç ID card for on-campus facilities such as booking a study room, borrowing a book from the library, or getting a locker at the gym etc.

Which sports teams does the university have? Is it possible to join the trainings or the team itself?

Yes, you can join both the trainings and the teams. The University has basketball, tennis, skiing, snowboard, rowing, volleyball, handball, football, soccer, fencing, waterball, swimming, step, table tennis, and ice hockey teams.

Are there art events or concerts organized in the campus?

Yes, there is Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center (SGKM) organizing art events such as concert, theatre, opera, ballet, performance arts and etc. You can see more at //

How is it possible to learn about the organizations and events in or out of the campus?

You should check your KU mail frequently since the announcements regarding academic life as much as the social life on campus are made through emails.

You should also check out the university websites (i.e. and your emails frequently for announcements.

Is the campus LGBT friendly?

Yes, the campus is fairly LGBT friendly. There are also student clubs promoting LGBT rights on campus.

Is there a place where I can find newspapers/magazines?

The Suna Kıraç Library has subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. You can also find them at the market Migros on campus.

You can also use Press- Reader with your KU creditentials on campus for free.

Are there arts or sports lessons other than classes?

Yes, there are media and visual arts classes and classes with the code ARTS.

For sports facilities and classes, please check out:

For arts, you can check out the Koç University Student Clubs and Groups’ website:

Are there language classes for international students?

Yes, there are many language classes offered on campus. Languages like Arabic, French, German, Italian, Kurdish, Russian, Spanish and Sign Language are offered and taught by a successful team of native instructors.

When do the classes begin and when are the public holidays?

You can check the academic calendar for semester dates and holidays: //

What happens when I decide not to take a course anymore?

You can withdraw from a course until the end of the withdrawal period online through the KUSIS system.

What happens when I need academic assistance regarding course material?

The Koç Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT) provides academic tutoring for most subject areas, workshops for basic academic skills etc. The academic tutoring can be either one-on-one or in a small group of students and it is based on walk-in format, so no appointment is needed. You can visit their website here.

Whom can I get help from regarding career questions?

The Career Development Center offers counseling appointments, CV workshops, mock interviews etc. For more info://

How can I learn Turkish better?

There are Turkish classes offered in KU. The tutoring center on campus, KOLT, also offers conversation circles for informal foreign language practice, including Turkish. ICO’s Local Friends Program is also a great way to learn some conversational Turkish and culture from a local student. You may also check out the following link to see more options: /get-involved/learn-practice-turkish/ Other than that you can try some of free language learning sites online or smartphone apps, such as Duolingo.

Where do I find the books or other material necessary for class?

The Pandora bookstore on campus (Student Center, ground floor) has the books that are required for classes. You can also check the library before buying the books, but since the library only has a few copies of required course materials, you might not find it there. You can get the course packs from the Copyland Store on campus in the Student Center, lower 2nd floor.