Important Information

  1. An application can only be made after entering Turkey and registering at the university. It is not possible to make it outside the country.
  2. In order to make an appointment, you need to enter Turkey with your original passport. No other entry document is acceptable for residence permit applications.
  3. All applications are online and each student must complete the online appointment form within their visa or permission to stay without a visa period when he/she is instructed to do so by our office.
  4. If you attempt to apply after the visa expiration date, this will not be possible and you will be asked to leave Turkey and re-enter with a new visa or passport entry stamp.
  5. While filling out the application form, you may encounter system failures or other technical difficulties. You should wait and try again. We cannot fix any technical issues that result from the immigration office’s online interfaces. Please remember you are not the only person applying and having difficulty. If we do not receive your application documents in time we will contact you after the orientation week and this will delay your application, therefore please try your best to complete the application during the orientation week on your own.
  6. It is necessary to upload your head-shot photograph to the form. Please have your head-shot photograph in the JPEG version available on your computer.
  7. You can pay the residency card (valuable paper) fee online with your credit card (make sure your card is available for international transactions). If you can not, you must first obtain a tax ID number and then pay it via Yapi Kredi Bank at the main campus (Student Center, lower 1st floor) with the 9267-reference code.
  8. To purchase a tax ID number, you need a photocopy of your passport ID page as well as a filled tax ID application form. Sample form here.
  9. Once your online application is complete, you should print it out, sign the signature part at the 5th page, and submit it along with all your documents to the International Office (ICO) right away without waiting for an appointment date.
  10. You can find the instructions guide here.


Have a valid residence permit for a different university in Istanbul?

You do not have to apply for a residence permit again if you provide the following documents within 20 days from registration to our office. In this situation, you won’t have to re-apply for a new residence permit until the current one expires.

  1. Photocopy of residence permit (both sides),
  2. Photocopy of passport (ID and last entry stamp pages),
  3. Graduation or exit document from the previous university,
  4. KU enrollment certificate (Ogrenci Belgesi)

Have a valid residence permit for a non-Istanbul university?

Students who come from a non-Istanbul university with a valid residence permit must still apply for a new residence permit. This application, if possible, must be made within 10 days from exiting the former university to avoid penalties. For up to 3-month time in between the graduation or deregistration, a new application can be made with a certain amount of penalty if the residence permit is valid during this time. After 3 months no application is allowed. The student must leave Turkey and come back.
If the students who come from another university that is not in Istanbul make an entrance and exit with a new visa after their graduation within 10 days, the
application for a residence permit, within their visa duration, will not be penalized.

Have a valid family residence permit?

Students who have a touristic or family purpose residence permit that is valid for a short time can use the remaining time or apply for a Student Residence by using the Transfer Application option.

Full List of Documents

  1. Student Enrollment Verification in Turkish. You can request it through the KUSIS system and collect it from the Registrar’s Office (click here to watch how to do it).
  2. 4 biometric headshots (biometric self-service photo booth is available on campus (Student Center, lower 1st floor), you can do it after your arrival too).
  3. Receipt of 89 TL Valuable Paper Fee payment. You can pay the fee either through the application platform with your credit card, or to Yapi Kredi Bank at the main campus (Student Center, lower 1st floor) with your tax ID number for the 9267 reference code.
  4. Health Insurance compliance letter, filled and signed by the applicant (downloadable here). Sample form here.
  5. Financial statement letter, filled and signed by the applicant (downloadable here). Sample form here.
  6. Passport photocopy after arriving in Turkey (ID page, visa page if you got a visa, last entry stamp page for Turkey).


Additional Documents for Students below 18

International students below 18 must bring their apostilled birth certificates and apostilled consent letters signed by their parents. The consent letter must mention that the parents are aware and have permission that the student will be studying at KU in Turkey and he/ she will be financially supported by his or her parents.

These apostilled documents must be translated to Turkish and notarized in Turkey for the residence permit application. We suggest the 23rd Notary Public since its location and the translation service it provides are convenient.

Applicants from Countries without an Apostille Agreement with Turkey

If there is no apostille agreement between your country and Turkey, you have two options:

  1. Before arriving in Turkey, you can contact a Turkish mission in your country. The Turkish mission can translate and approve your documents.
  2. After arriving in Turkey, you should visit the consulate of your country and get your documents stamped. Then you should visit the Sarıyer District Governor (Kaymakamlık- 5th floor) to have your stamped documents approved. Finally, you can translate them to Turkish and notarize them. We suggest the 23rd Notary Public since its location and the translation service it provides are convenient.


Traveling While Your SRP Application is in Process

After successfully applying for a residence permit you are entitled to a document called “Ikamet Izni Muracaat Belgesi – Residence Permit Application Form” which can be obtained from Istanbul Immigration Office by going there in person with original passport.

This document allows you to travel and stay outside Turkey for up to 15 days while your application is in process. This document becomes available usually within 10 days from submitting your application to ICO, therefore, if you need this document, please visit the immigration office within 10-15 days from the date of submission of documents. If you are traveling with this document you must re-enter Turkey within 15 days. Transit directions and instructions to obtain this document can be found here.