Obtaining a Visa
Before arriving in Türkiye, you should obtain your international visa if it is required for your country. There are different types of visas depending on your nationality and the duration of your stay in Türkiye. For details, please visit our Entry to Türkiye page.
Entry to Türkiye
If you have any questions upon visiting the page, you can reach out to us by creating a Trackit request through Dean of Students Trackit / ICO Requests.
Additional Documents for Students Below 18

All international students under the age of 18 must come to Türkiye with a student visa obtained from the Turkish consulate or embassy. Those who do not will not be able to apply for the Student Residence Permit smoothly.

Recommended Additional Documents

Since you will be underage, you may be asked for official documents for legal procedures other than applying for a student residence permit. We recommend you have these documents with you just in case.

Those underage international students who arrive without a student visa must collect the below-listed documents for their student residence permit applications.

1. Birth certificate with Turkish translation (Doğum Belgesi)

2. Consent letter signed by both parents in Turkish (Muvafakatname)

The letter must mention that both parents are aware and give the responsibility of their child to someone who lives in Istanbul with a citizenship/residence permit. The letter must explicitly indicate the full name and ID copy of the entrusted person (guarantor) who will be responsible for the under-18 student in Türkiye.

In the letter, the parents must also give permission to their children to stay/ live with the guarantor and to study at KU in Türkiye, apply for a residence permit, do all bureaucratic transactions (legal actions), and they (as parents) will financially support the child for the duration of the study. If the parents are divorced or the student has only one parent, the legal guardian of the child should have a consent letter issued along with the court ruling

The guarantor will then have a commitment letter issued at a notary public in Istanbul after the student arrives.

Sample template: Ben (passport number of parent 1) pasaport numaralı (full name of parent 1)  ve eşim  (passport number of parent 2)  pasaport numaralı (full name of parent 1), (student’s passport number) pasaport numaralı çocuğumuz (name of student)’in Türkiye’de, Koç Üniversitesi’nde eğitim alacağının farkındayız ve onaylıyoruz. (Turkish ID number or residence permit ID number of the guarantor) kimlik numaralı (Name of the guarantor) isimli kişiye muvafakat verilmiştir. Rızamız doğrultusunda çocuğumuz İstanbul’da bu kişiyle yaşayabilir, Koç Üniversitesi’nde eğitim alabilir. Çocuğumuzun eğitim sürecinde maddi ve manevi desteklemeye, ikamet izni almasına ve tüm bürokratik süreçleri gerçekleştirmesine rızamız vardır. Çocuğumuzu destekleyeceğimizi taahhüt ederiz.

3. Commitment Letter from the Guarantor Issued in Istanbul (Taahhütname) – details are available on this page.

If the guarantor is married, a commitment letter from the spouse of the guarantor is necessary as well.

Please pay attention that the guarantor must provide additional documents for you to be able to use the commitment letter.

»»»If your country is a party to the Apostille Convention, the documents should be apostilled. Please check if your country is a party to the Apostille Convention or not via the country list hereYou must get your Apostilled documents notarized at a notary public in Türkiye. If they are not translated into Turkish already, they should also be translated.

We suggest the 23rd Notary Public since its location and the translation service it provides are convenient.

What you can say at the notary: “Merhaba, ben belgelerim için noter tasdiği talep ediyorum. “

»»»If your country is NOT a party to the Apostille Convention, then your documents should be stamped at the consulate/embassy of your country in İstanbul and then approved by the Sarıyer District Governor (Kaymakamlık – 5th floor). If they are not translated into Turkish already, they should also be translated.

We suggest the 23rd Notary Public since its location and the translation service it provides are convenient.

What you can say at the notary: “Merhaba, ben belgelerimi tercüme ettirmek istiyorum.”

Health Insurance
International students are required to have health insurance that is valid in Türkiye and covers the complete duration of their specific academic program.

Please visit our Health & Emergency page for more information.

Health & Emergency
Please visit our Housing page for information regarding dormitories and off-campus housing.
Planning Expenses
Planning your expenses for arrival will be helpful. Some possible immediate expenses are:

Taxi fares, university fees (students), other transportation, pay-as-you-go or pre-paid cell phone sim cards or minute credits, security deposit for rent that might include 2 months’ rent (if you’ll rent yourself), eating and grocery expenses, possible purchase of necessary home goods, clothing, electric appliances or small devices.

Turkish Lira (TRY, ) is the official currency of Türkiye. You can check exchange rates and do conversions via https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ or Google Currency Converter.

Travel With US Dollars or Euros

We advise newcomers that they travel to Türkiye with US Dollars or Euros as these will be easier and more profitable to exchange for Turkish Lira. Finding offices or banks that convert other currencies will be difficult.

Money Tips Before Your Trip:

NOTIFY YOUR BANK: Check with your bank before traveling to Türkiye if your card will work in Türkiye and you will be able to make online transactions. Most banking is online in Türkiye.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT CARD FOR FEES: Most banks and credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee. Research your card’s ATM network in Türkiye and how much they charge in fees for transactions and withdrawals so that you can switch to a more convenient card if needed.

AVOID CURRENCY EXCHANGE BOOTHS AT AIRPORTS: Exchange rates will not be in your favor at airports. If you need money upon arriving, we advise that you use your ATM card and withdraw money. You will end up spending less. ATMs will offer a more up-to-date and fairer exchange rate.

START THINKING ABOUT YOUR BUDGET: There are many useful websites to help with this, like Numbeo.

Meeting Current KU Students
Are you curious who will be your future classmates? Looking for like-minded students who are also goin’ to Koç University? Via Goin’ Connect you can find other students already before arrival!

Goin’ is an online platform which provides an extremely easy way to find and connect with other students like you. Join groups, events and connect with your future classmates.

You can download the app for Android or Apple. Just enter the code sent to you via email and click on login and you can meet and connect with your future classmates.

International Student Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is one where current KU students are matched as friendly guide to degree-seeking undergraduate international students.


Buddies will be:

  • assisting new students with settling in,
  • helping them to navigate around procedures at KU,
  • supporting them with their residence permit applications,
  • creating new friendships.


Upon enrolment, ICO will send an email to all undergraduate students with their Buddy on CC along with their Buddy introduction card.

Arrival Date
To choose the most reasonable arrival date, please refer to the academic calendar and seek advice from your respective admission contacts (Registrar’s, HR, Dean of Faculty, ELC, etc.). Planning an early arrival and determining dates will be helpful for several reasons, especially for international students, including:

  • Resting after your trip and preparing for school.
  • Arranging housing or checking into a previously arranged residence.
  • Completing university registration and course registrations.
  • Obtaining a university ID, meal card, and computing credentials.
  • Finding your college or graduate school and joining a guided campus tour.
  • Attending international orientation sessions and completing immigration check-in.
  • Completing paperwork for health insurance, residence permit, student discount public transit card, and graduate assistantships.
  • Attending Teaching Assistantship training sessions/workshops at the Office of Learning and Teaching (the KOLT).
Graduate Students with Scholarships and Assistantships
International graduate students must arrive at KU during the registration period/week of any given semester. Failure to arrive on time may result in delays with your immigration procedures, stipend payments, and health insurance. Contact your graduate school for special orientation or training programs since you might be required to arrive earlier than the registration week. A list of all graduate programs and their contact information can be found here:
Stay Informed
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Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Contact the Registrar’s Office and ICO if you have any questions before you arrive in Türkiye.

Become familiar with the information provided on Koç University’s website and ICO’s website. The information and resources provided will help prepare you for your arrival in Türkiye and on campus.

Do some research about living in Istanbul and Turkish culture. Having an idea about what to expect will make your arrival and transition much easier.