With our services and resources we cater to Koc University’s international population at large. International Community is here to inform you about what you should know and do before and after your arrival to Turkey and KU.


Housing arrangements for new students are made by program advisors unless accepted students choose to live off-campus at a self-arranged accommodation.

Residence Permit

Students studying at KU for one semester or longer are obliged to obtain a residence permit as per Foreigners’ Protection and Immigration Laws of Turkish Republic.

Students with Family

Even if KU does not have an arranged set up for students with families and a very tiny portion of international graduate student population come to Istanbul with their families, the university housing,

Traveling While at KU

Students must be aware of and do the following before making travel plans outside of Turkey. Use the information here while waiting on a new residence permit in Turkey or after obtaining one:

Student FAQ’s

Do I need to buy a converter for plugs?
How is the weather on campus or in Turkey generally?
Can I use my credit cards on campus?
How much is the approximate living expense at Koç University?