Istanbul has one of the best public transportation networks in the world. There are several options to reach any location for 24 hours, and taxi is a convenient option compared to large metropolitans in the world and other cities in Türkiye. 

To ride all modes of public transportation (except dolmuş/ minibus) you will need an İstanbulkart- refill transportation card. You can obtain a regular İstanbulkart from the refill machines (Biletmatik) or newsstands with “İstanbulkart Bayii” or “İstanbulkart Dolum Merkezi” signs. 

Below is a list of main transportation categories specifically for the KU community. 

Transportation Means at KU

IETT Bus 154: Enters KU main campus, route via Hacıosman Metro, Sarıyer, West Campus.

IETT Bus 150: Passes by KU main campus security gate, requires transfer to reach onto campus, route via Hacıosman Metro, Sarıyer, West Campus.

IETT Bus 40: Enters KU late-night AM only, route via Taksim Gümüşsuyu Peron, Beşiktas (Bosphorus waterfront), Ortaköy all the way up to KU.

Dolmuş: Has the KOÇ ÜNİVERSİTESİ sign at the front windshield or side window, enters KU, route same as 154, cash only.

Free Main/West Shuttle: Free, only KU members, bet. Main Bus Stop – West Shuttle Lot, w/schedule.

Free Main Campus/ KU Hospital Shuttle: Only on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Departs from KU (IETT Station) at 10 AM, departs from KU Hospital at 2 PM.

Paid Express Shuttle: Paid KU express shuttle service available to major locations across Istanbul. After activating your KU ID card and loading money on it either online or at the booth next to the IETT bus stop on the main campus.

Main/West Campus & Faculty Houses Free Shuttle – KU Members Only

For the West Campus Shuttle Hours Information, please click here.

For the Faculty House Shuttle Schedule, please click here.


  • “RF” on timetables refers to Main Campus i.e. Rumeli Feneri Campus.
  • Check schedule updates through KU Daily emails, daily news and announcements digest for KU members, and through respective websites.
  • Download the KU Mobile Application to your mobile device and follow the updates.

Main Campus/ KU Hospital Shuttle- KU Members Only

Only on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Departs from KU (IETT Station) at 10 AM, departs from KU Hospital at 2 PM.

For more details or any update, please check out the KU Mobile Application regularly.

Main Campus - İstinye Campus Transportation Options

For the public transportation options from Main Campus to the İstinye Campus, you may click here

You can take bus number 150/shuttle from the main campus to Hacıosman metro station, take the metro to İTÜ-Ayazağa station, exit through İ.T.Ü. Rektörlüğü and take the bus number 29Ş.


For the public transportation options from İstinye Campus to the Main Campus, you may click here.

You can walk to the İstinye center, take bus no 41C to Sarıyer Hamidiye Etfal Araştırma Hospital, and then take the bus number 150.


For any information regarding the İstinye Campus, you can send an e-mail to

IETT Buses & Cash Dolmuş

IETT Buses & Cash Dolmuş

For the IETT Bus and Minibus Schedules and Lines, please click here.

Note: IstanbulKart is a refill transit pass that is used in almost entire transit system of Istanbul (water, underground, above ground, rail, metrobus).

Private express shuttle service for campus community (Gürsel Turizm)

The university works with a private transport company and they have an office on campus.  In order to use the paid express shuttle, you need to activate your KU ID card first. You can activate your KU ID card at the designated registration desks. After the activation, you will be able to load money on your KU ID cards only via credit card.

Registration Desks

  • Booth next to the İETT Bus Station
  • Student Center Floor -1 Gürsel Tourism Desk

You can load money on your KU ID card either online or  at the Gürsel Turizm Office next to the IETT bus stop on the main campus.

For more information and the shuttle program, please click here.


Payment for the Express Shuttles

You have 2 options:

Option 1: Visit “ “ or download the“Gürsel Mobile”  app to your mobile device and load money to your KU ID card online.

Option 2: Visit the shuttle booth located next to the main campus bus stop and load money on your KU ID card. Credit cards are accepted.

For more information about the stops, please click here.

The price list:

Sarıyer (Sarıyer Port): 4 ₺

Hacıosman metro Station: 5 ₺

Beşiktaş: 13 ₺

Kadıköy and Florya: 21 ₺

Shuttle Office Working Hours

Shuttle office is open on weekdays from 8am to 8pm (Fall/Spring); from 10am to – 5pm (Summer). An English speaking associate is available on site.


Yellow taxi vehicles (Taksi in Turkish) are widely used in Istanbul. You can call up a taxi by phone, via a mobile app, or flag one on the street 24/7. Below, we have listed contact information of nearby taxi stations and other options to find taxis around you:

By Phone (pay cash upon arriving at your destination):

Kultur Taksi: 0212 2718154

Kumsal Taksi: 0212 218 3267

Marti Taksi: 0212 341 1184

Sariyer Taksi: 0212 242 3748

Regular Taxi Fare Calculator:

Mobile Taxi Apps (pay online or cash)

  • İstanbulkart refill machines are super user-friendly. When you place your card in the designated card slot (either side), it will display your card info and remaining balance. Feed money into the bill acceptor. See the current balance on the screen.
  • Refill machines are capable of operating in English and other languages.
  • There is one available on the main campus in front of Yapi Kredi Bank and at each metro entrance. Refill is also available at newsstands and some supermarkets.
  • If your mobile phone has an NFC function, you can load money on your İstanbulkart online from your phone through the İstanbulkart Mobile Application.
  • If you take a dolmuş/ minibus, you must tell the driver where to stop to let you off. You can ask a passenger who speaks English unless you know how to say “inecek var” (please stop, I want to get off).
  • The 3 top mobile apps for public transit in Istanbul are Trafi, Moovit, and MOBİETT.

  • Istanbul Metropolitan Rail Network
  • Istanbul Rail Network Maps
  • Istanbul Metropolitan Mass Transit System Website (IETT)
  • Istanbul Ferries, Passenger Boats, Cruises