We would like to share with you important information regarding an important change with STUDENT residence permit applications. Effective as of September 1st, 2019, the Immigration Directorate of Istanbul (Istanbul Il Goc Idaresi) does not require students to visit the immigration office for residence permit first-time application and does not require students to post mail their documents for renewal applications. The paperwork collection process has now been officially assigned to the respective offices of universities, in our case our office – the ICO – not only for first-time applications but also for renewals.

Students are still required to apply online the same as before and request an appointment, yet they can print out the application form and submit their first/renewal application documents to ICO right away without waiting for an appointment. Everything else is the same. For example, the earliest application for renewal is still 60 days before expiration.

As part of this new procedure, each university is allowed to submit student documents once a month on a specific date. Please read the guidelines very carefully and please understand that it is fully students’ responsibility to follow through these procedures and be on time for each application.

Koc University ICO is always here to help and advise its students. Please do let us know in case you have any doubts or questions.

Monthly Paperwork Submission Deadlines:

MARCH: 17th, Tuesday

APRİL: 21st, Tuesday

MAY: 19th, Tuesday

Please note, above dates are hard deadlines and we only accept submissions from 3-5 pm Mon-Fri. Please watch the expiration date of your visa or residence permit to apply and submit your documents to us at the right time. Missing any above date will mean that you have to wait until the next submission period. Avoid this especially if you have little time left before your visa or residence permit expires.

Example: Your residence permit expiration date is October 30th / Your submission of complete documents to ICO must be by September 17th.

ADVISING & DOCUMENT SUBMISSION/REVIEW HOURS: ICO Residence Permit Advisors will accept and review your documents for accuracy. Submissions with missing documents will not be accepted. You are welcome to visit ICO for advising any weekday from 3-5 pm and submit your papers. Always aim for an earlier date than the above deadlines to be safe.

URGENT TRAVELS WHILE WAITING: Those who submit their documents to ICO and later receive a text message or email notification from the Immigration Office that reads “Your residence permit application is approved” can visit the Migration Management Directorate to collect their temporary (15-day max) travel document with their original passport. There are a few multilingual info desks at the entrance floor and they will assist you with this process.

TRACKING YOUR APPLICATION STATUS: You should expect to receive your residence permit card within 1-1,5 months (45 days) from the dates of submission above. Submitting earlier does not mean you will receive your card earlier.  Just remember the standard rule set by the Immigration Office: the renewal applications cannot be made before 60 days to expiration. When you have less than 60 days to expiration, you can apply.

QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION: If you have an extraordinary situation about your application, if your application is denied, canceled or you are asked to take further action, you must visit the immigration office 1st floor Student Desk.