Have a look at our Newcomers’ Guide to get a detailed introduction to your life as a KU student!

Newcomers' Guide

Explore Your New Surroundings

Koç University will be your new home away from home for the upcoming months (or years)! Explore the campus and take some time to learn where everything is. Explore your dormitory and the surrounding areas for places to eat and shop. Ask around for recommendations or directions.

Check out our interactive guides for life at KU and life in İstanbul.

Find out what transportation you need, depending on where you live. There are frequent shuttles between the Main and West Campuses, there are also shuttles to different parts of the city, as well as taxis, public buses, and shared taxis (dolmuş). For transportation options and tips, have a look at our Transportation page.

If you drive a car, there are various rules that you need to be aware of. For detailed information, have a look at our Driving in Türkiye page.

Attend the Orientation

Before the first week of classes, the University will have orientation for all new undergraduate students. Each graduate school organizes its own orientation for the graduate students. Please keep your close connection with your contact person and stay tuned about orientation details. It is crucial to attend. For more information, visit Undergraduate Orientation Days web page

If you are a graduate student, please contact your graduate school. If you are an exchange student, contact our Incoming Exchange Programs and Partnerships Team at incoming@ku.edu.tr

Unpack and Get Settled in

Unpacking your belongings and organizing your new place will help you get settled. You will also discover what you need to buy that you have not brought with you. Getting settled in and getting somewhat familiar with your surroundings before classes start will make your transition much easier; you will be able to focus on academics and meeting new friends.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions!

Contact your mentor, ICO staff, or your academic advisor for help and support. Be sure to take advantage of the many resources and services the university provides. Ask for directions if you get lost.

Connect to the WiFi

You can log into the WiFi using your KU email and password. You can get detailed information regarding your account and accessing KU portals on the IT website.

Stay Updated

Make sure to check your KU email frequently for important information. Sign up for Koç University’s social media pages for information about events and activities.

Follow us on Instagram: icokocuniv

The ICO publishes the most up-to-date news and announcements, including COVID-19, through its communication channels for the KU international community.

You can receive the related information through our Bi-Weekly News and Instagram page.

Obtain a Tax ID

Anyone with a valid passport can obtain a Tax ID at any official tax office in Türkiye. A Tax ID number might be necessary for certain situations until you have a residence permit. Some of these include opening a bank account, obtaining health insurance, receiving your scholarship money (if any), etc. 

You can find detailed information regarding this process on our Tax ID page.

Apply for a Student Residence Permit (SRP)

If the duration of your stay is one semester or longer, then you are required to obtain a residence permit by law. With a residence permit, you can stay in Türkiye legally and travel internationally for multiple times without a visa, open a bank account, register with the social security office, perform several processes online on Turkish e-government platform (e-Devlet), register your mobile phones from overseas, apply for a driver’s license and more. For information about applying, see our SRP page.

Get Your Student Transportation Card (İstanbulkart)

If you have not already done so, be sure to get your student İstanbulkart. With this card, you will get discount prices on all public transportation. For detailed information, have a look at our Transportation page.

Get Ready for Classes

Know your student ID number. You will need it throughout your time at university.

Have a copy of your schedule. It is also helpful to have a map of the campus with you.

Once you have your class schedule, you will know their room numbers. It is a good idea to know where your classes are before they start, so you do not have to run around on the first day of school trying to find them.

Be prepared for class, bring something to write with and something to write on.

You will receive syllabi with more detailed information about requirements for classes (like supplies and textbooks) during the first week of classes.

Stay in Touch

You will be very busy with all the fun and stress of university life, but do not forget to stay in touch with your family and friends back home. It will help with any homesickness that you might feel once the rush of the first week is over.

Seek Help When Needed

Keep in mind that you are in a new environment, and it is natural to need some time to adjust to a new culture. During your transition process, you might feel homesick and a bit lost maybe. Remember that we are here to support you. Also, you have professional psychological counseling at KU (KURES). Please do not hesitate to contact them when you need.  

Not only the transition process, but throughout your study at KU, you can seek academic and personal support. To learn more, please check our Newcomers’ Guide, Dean of Students’ website for their departments, and KOLT