You may watch the video to get a visual idea of what to expect upon your arrival. The prices are subject to change.

1. Taxi

Follow the signs for exit/ground transportation and see the taxi stop right outside the exit doors. You’ll be helped by a dispatcher immediately. The approximate duration will be 110 minutes depending on the route and traffic conditions. If you’d like to pay with a credit card, download the Taxi App BiTaksi and pay using the app. If you choose this option, you must order the taxi via the app.

Here is a taxi fee calculator.

Public Transportation

If you do not want to use a taxi, you must purchase an İstanbulkart. The card can be used in both public transportation means and airport shuttles (HAVAIST). You can obtain your Istanbulkart from the 24 different İstanbulkart machines (BILETMATIK) on the lower 2nd floor at the airport (arrival public transportation floor) following the signs, the HAVAIST offices, and the contracted exchange offices at the airport.

You can go to the closest change office to get Turkish Lira. You can then load, or ask the keeper to load in HAVAIST of contracted exchange offices to load money into your card. For all public transit modes, you’ll use the card by tapping it on the readers.

For detailed information regarding İstanbulkart, you may refer to our Transportation page.

2. Bus H8 + bus/ minibus/ taxi

Public bus H8 is the most convenient and highly recommended option.

Take the bus H8 to either Acarlar Bus Stop or Hacıosman Bus Terminal. 

The last stop of this line is Hacıosman Bus Terminal, and the Acarlar bus stop is the closest stop of this line to the KU main
campus. You can either get off the bus at Acarlar, walk to the taxi station there and get a taxi to the campus, or stay onboard until Hacıosman Bus Terminal.

For the bus route and more details, please click here

Duration to Hacıosman: 120 minutes

Duration to Acarlar bus stop: 100 minutes

Fare is only payable with İstanbulkart.

When you arrive at Hacıosman, choose one of the options mentioned below:

Option A: (Recommended) Find bus no 154 and tap your İstanbulkart to the machine. It takes 50 minutes. The final destination on this bus will be KU Main Campus.

Option B: Cross the street and take a minibus (must pay cash to the driver) with the KOÇ ÜNİVERSİTESİ sign at the front windshield or side window. The ride takes 1 hour and those minibusses are available every 10 mins from 7 AM-11 PM daily.

Option C: Take a taxi right in front of the bus terminal (you will see the uniformed dispatcher and taxis waiting). The ride takes 21 minutes and costs. Only pay whatever the meter reads. Please do not bargain.

3. Bus H2 + M2 Green Line Metro + bus/minibus/taxi

Take the public Bus H2 to Mecidiyeköy CONNECT to M2 Green Line to Hacıosman Station.

Duration: 125 minutes

Fare is only paid with İstanbulkart.

When you arrive at Hacıosman, follow the signs and exit through Otobüs Durakları (Bus Terminal). From here, choose one of the options mentioned at number 2.

Click here to view the timetable for the H2 line.

4. Airport Shuttle (HAVAIST 5+ M2 Green Line Metro+ bus/ minibus/ taxi)

Take HAVAIST 5 to 4. LEVENT CONNECT to M2 GREEN LINE to Hacıosman Station.

Duration:110 minutes

Click here to view the timetable and price for HAVAIST- 5 shuttle.

When you arrive at Hacıosman, follow the signs and exit through Otobüs Durakları (Bus Terminal). From here, choose one of the options mentioned at number 2.

Click here to view the Istanbul Rail Network map.

Top Mobile Apps for Mass Transit in Istanbul:

  • Trafi
  • Mobiett
  • Moovit