This Sunday, join our KU Guide Kayrahan for a delightful outing in Sarıyer. We will gather in the Sarıyer region to eat, chat, and get to know each other better. We’ll have conversations over delicious börek at the historic Bilice Börek Shop in Sarıyer, and afterward, we’ll take a leisurely stroll to a charming coffee shop with a fantastic ambiance.

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What is awaiting you?

We will enjoy börek at the Historic Bilice Börek Shop. Afterwards, we will head to Espressolab Sarıyer Eski Büyükdere İskelesi (Former Büyükdere Pier) for some coffee. This event will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other and share our cultures. I hope to meet people who are excited to talk about their culture and life.

Event Plan

11:35 AM: Departure from the main campus via bus no.154
12:10 PM: Meeting at Historic Bilice Börek Shop
12:10-1:30 PM: Eating börek at Historic Bilice Börek Shop
1:45 PM: Arrival at Espressolab at Sarıyer Former Büyükdere Pier
3:50 PM: Return to campus & end of the event

Date: October 22th,  2023, Sunday

Time: Between 11.35 AM- 16:00 PM

Location: Sarıyer /İstanbul

Where and when to meet the KU Guides and the group?

  1. Main Campus Bus Stop at 11.30 AM
  2. Historic Bilice Börek Shop at 12.10 PM

Do I have to pay for anything?

Participants are responsible for covering their expenses, which include transportation, food, and beverages.

We recommend carrying some cash with you, at least 60₺. Also, don’t forget to bring your Istanbulkart (public transport card).

RSVP is a must!

Please complete the RSVP form after checking the details below: click here

This activity will be led by Kayrahan.

You can email them if you have any questions.