Once you receive your residence permit card, you will find your foreign ID number on the card.  The number starting with 99 on the card is the permanent number that you will use in public and private institutions. Make sure to take a photo or scan of the front and back of your permit card. You may use the soft copy in case you do not have the card with you at any given time. You can obtain a PVC card cover from the copy center located at the Student Center lower second floor as well.

On this page, you can find useful information about procedures to complete with your residence permit card.


You can depart from and enter Türkiye with your residence permit.

It is mandatory to show your residence permit card with your passport at the border when you are leaving/re-entering the country.

The end date on your residence permit is the length of your permission to stay in Türkiye. You need to apply for an extension of your residence permit before the expiration date if you are going to stay longer.

Lost or Stolen Card

If you lost your residence permit card, you should firstly report it to the police then submit the documents to Kumkapı Migration Office. 

For the whole process, please visit this webpage.

Bank Account

To learn how to open a bank account, please visit our Bank Account page.


You need to show your residence permit card with your passport in an event of a police inspection. If you do not have them with you, you can show soft copies. For such a case, please keep a spare copy of them on your mobile device.

Obtaining an e-Devlet (e-Government) Account

You can obtain an e-Devlet account with your residence permit as instructed on our e-Devlet page. There, you can learn more about e-Devlet that helps you obtain official documents easily.

Registering Your Address

International community members except exchange students and visitors are obliged to register their addresses in Türkiye. To learn how to do so, please visit our Registering Address page.

Registering Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices brought from abroad must be registered if the owner wants to use their calling features longer than 4 months in Türkiye. For more details and to learn how to register your mobile device, please visit our Registering Mobile Phones page.

Driving in Türkiye

For details regarding purchasing a vehicle, obtaining or converting a driver’s license, please check our Driving in Türkiye webpage.

Koç Ailem

If you are a Koç employee or a student, you are exclusive with KoçAilem!

KoçAilem is a special privilege platform for those who are affiliated with the Koç Group. It provides special discounts to Koç members in various companies. It aims to make you feel special in every aspect of your life with special offers and discounts. You can also issue additional cards for your relatives if you wish.


Mobile Application for Android

Mobile Application for App Store

You can start using your advantages by being a member of the Koç Ailem program. You can obtain a Koç Ailem debit or credit card and start benefiting your privileges by following the steps below.

If you are a faculty member and want to be a member of Koç Ailem, you can open an HR-Trackit regarding your and your spouse’s memberships to Koç Ailem. The Human Resources Department will then provide you the necessary information and guide you better. 

  • You may get more information by dialing 444 0 447 Koç Ailem Call Center. They have an English service as well. 


If you are a KU student and want to be a member of Koç Ailem, you can either call 444 0 447 Koç Ailem Call Center or visit their website. The call center has an English service, however, the website is available only in Turkish. 

You can fill out the application form as it is presented at the following screenshot: