Foreigner ID number: The number starting with 99 on your residence permit is the permanent number that you will use in public and private institutions. Take a note of this number or save it on your phone. You can obtain a PVC card cover from the copy center located at the Student Center lower 2nd floor as well.

It will be useful in the future to take a front and back photographs of your residence permit card and save it on your phone. You can use the photograph if you do not have your residence permit with you.

Below you can find useful information about your residence permit and what you can do with it:


You can depart from and enter Turkey with your residence permit.

It is mandatory to show your residence permit with your passport at the border when you are leaving/re-entering the country.

The end date on your residence permit is the length of your stay in Turkey. You need to apply for an extension of your residence permit before the expiration date if you are going to stay longer.

Lost or Stolen Cards Information

When your residence permit is lost or stolen, you must get a “Lost or Stolen Report” from the nearest police department. Then, you must visit the Istanbul Migration Office with this report and your passport to notify them and apply for a new card.

For more information, please click here.

Bank Account

To learn how to obtain a health report, please visit our Opening a Bank Account page.


You need to show your residence permit with your passport in the event of a police inspection.

Getting an e-Devlet (e-Government) Password

Please check the following document out for more details: e-Devlet.

  • You can log in to the e- Devlet platform either by an e-Devlet password or by your Turkish banking credentials (if you are a Turkish bank consumer).
  • To get an e-Devlet password, go to the nearest post office (PTT) with your passport, your residence permit, and your active Turkish mobile phone and apply. A password will be given to you in exchange of 3 ₺. You can use it at //
  • With your e-Devlet password, you can register the phone you brought from abroad, get your criminal record and get your SGK (Social Security) service history.

Address Registration

To learn how to register your address, please visit our Obtaining Official Documents  page

Registering Your Mobile Device

To learn how to register your mobile device, please visit our Registering Mobile Phones page.

Before Getting a Turkish Number

  • You must apply for a number from an authorized dealer. These are Turkcell Communication Centers (TİM), Türk Telekom Communication Centers and Vodafone Mobile Centers. Do NOT apply from a Silver dealer, sub-distributor, sub-dealer, blue spot and mobile spots.
  • If possible, go to a dealer in a shopping mall. Because they get inspected quite frequently and they are effective in the brand’s recognition, they will not do anything wrong.
  • If possible, present a photocopy of your residence permit yourself, because if you do not, they will photocopy it for you and they might get a copy for themselves as well.
  • Do not forget to write the following on the photocopy of your residence permit: “For xxx xxx xxxx, between the date DD/MM/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY only for one transaction”.  Also, make sure that the dealer stamps the photocopy.

If Your Number Was Transferred to Another Operator Without Your Knowledge

  • If you get a message saying that your number was transferred to another operator, quickly call that operator, tell them your number was transferred to and demand a deactivation.
  • Get the fax number of the operator and send a letter saying “The number xxx has been transferred to your operator without my knowledge and consent”. Do NOT forget to sign it.
  • Very quickly, file an official complaint. You do not need to go to the office of the attorney general, just present a request to a police department.

Let the BTK (Information Technology and Communication Institution) know: //

If You Have to Pay a Termination Fee Because of the Transfer

  • Let the BTK (Information Technology and Communication Institution) know: //
  • When you receive your bill with the termination fee take it to the Customer Service Arbitration Board (Tüketici Hakem Heyeti) found in every District Governorship.
  • Do not forget that in Turkey, the judiciary system runs slowly. It will take a while for you to get a result from this free procedure, so stay calm. It is advised for you to avoid any behavior that will rend you wrongful when you are not.

To learn more and to find out our suggestions about Health and Emergency, please visit our Health & Emergenc page.


You can drive in Turkey with a valid driver’s license from any country for up to 6  months. This license must be translated to Turkish and notarized. We suggest the 23rd Notary Public since its location and the translation service it provides are convenient.

If you’d like to continue driving beyond 6 months in Turkey, you have 2 options:

  1. To convert your license to a Turkish one
  2. To obtain a new Turkish driver’s license

For more details, please check the following link out: Driving in Turkey.

Purchasing a Vehicle

Foreigners residing in Turkey can get a vehicle by:

  1. Purchasing a new vehicle while paying the government-determined taxes.
  2. Purchasing a new vehicle while not paying any tax and converting their licence plate into a Turkish licence plate (temporary importation).

The 2nd option is conducted by Turing Institution. You can get more information at //

Koç Ailem

If you are a Koç employee or a student, you are exclusive with KoçAilem!

KoçAilem is a special privilege platform for those who are affiliated with the Koç Group. It provides special discounts to Koç members in various companies. It aims to make you feel special in every aspect of your life with those special offers and discounts. You can also issue additional cards for your relatives if you wish.

You can start using your advantages by being a member of the Koç Ailem program. How to be a member is explained in the below section. You can obtain a Koç Ailem debit or credit card and start benefiting your privileges.


Mobile Application for Android

Mobile Application for App Store

If you are a faculty member


If you are a faculty member and want to be a member of Koç Ailem, you can open an HR- Trackit regarding your and your spouse’s memberships to Koç Ailem. The Human Resources Department will then provide you the necessary information and guide you better.

You may get more information by dialing 444 0 447 Koç Ailem Call Center. They have an English service as well. 

If you are a student


If you are a KU student and want to be a member of Koç Ailem, you can either call 444 0 447 Koç Ailem Call Center or visit their website. The call center has an English service, however, the website is available only in Turkish. 

You can fill out the application form as it is presented at the following screen-shot: