I want to reach the Migration Directorate. How can I contact/visit them?
You can contact the Migration Directorate through the chatbox in the right bottom corner of the e-ikamet website.

For further support, you can reach the Migration Directorate by calling 157 if you are in Türkiye or +90 312 157 11 22 if you are abroad.

You can visit the Migration Directorate in person by following the details on our Important Places page.

I changed my information/my residence permit card has incorrect information. What should I do?
If you have changed your passport, address, phone number, marital status, name, you must notify the Migration Directorate by visiting Kumpkapı Migration Office with the necessary documents. You may get more information regarding the process by calling the 157 Foreigners Communication Center.

If you realize that your data is wrong on your permit card once you receive it, you can correct it at the Kumkapı Migration Office as well. 

Kumkapı Migration Office, Bilgi Güncelleme Odası (Information Update Room) – Directions for Important Places 

I have an expired visa/residence permit. What should I do?
If your visa/residence permit expired, you should apply for a new residence permit under “First-Time Application” on the e-İkamet website within 10 days after the expiration date. You will need to submit a Letter of Excuse in Turkish with all supporting documents. 

If you complete the online application after 10 days of your visa/residence permit expiry, you may be subject to a fine which will be determined by the Migration Directorate once they evaluate your application. You can learn the amount once you check the status of your application on the official website. 

I lost my residence permit card. What should I do?
If you lost your residence permit card, you should firstly report it to the police then submit the listed required documents to Kumkapı Migration Office. 

For the whole process, please visit this webpage.

I took a leave of absence/cancelled my enrollment to KU. What happens to my residence permit?
If you are not an active student during a semester, you are not eligible for a Student Residence Permit. If you wish to stay in Türkiye, you can make a transfer application from Student to Short-Term residence permit. 

You may get more information regarding the process and documents from the e-İkamet website and by calling the 157 Foreigners Communication Center.

I am graduating. What happens to my student residence permit?
Upon receiving the “Graduated” status on KUSIS, you can use your student residence permit until the expiry date however we would advise you to follow the information below if you wish to stay longer. In any case, you can call 157 to verify whether or not you can use your SRP after your graduation.

If you are going to continue as a student at KU, please refer to our Transfer Students page.

If you wish to stay in Türkiye and are not planning to continue as a student, please refer to our Changing Residence Permit Purpose page.

I am a full-degree international student with a valid short-term residence permit. What should I do?
If you have a short-term touristic residence permit, you can continue to use it until it expires. However, a transfer application to student status must be made before the expiration.
I changed my department/program/university. What should I do?
Regarding this, please check our Transfer Students page.