Why do you need a health report?

  • To convert or to apply for a driver’s license
  • To get married
  • To apply for a dorm room
  • For your employment


There are three ways to obtain a health report:

1. Family Health Center (FHC)

The initial source is the Family Health Centers (FHC). You first need to register at your district’s FHC. International people with residence permits can benefit from FHCs (Aile Sağlık Merkezi) for free. If you live in Zekeriyaköy, for instance, you need to register at the Zekeriyaköy No.5 FHC or Uskumruköy İsmail Hakkı Mete FHC. The registration can be either online or by a visit with your address registration document and a photocopy of your residence permit. You will be assigned to a family doctor who will examine you every time you visit your FHC.

FHC Online Registration (e- Devlet (e- Government) credentials required):

  1. Visit //enabiz.gov.tr/.
  2. Click on the “Register through e-Government” button on the left bottom side of the web page.
  3. Register with your e-Government (e-Devlet) credentials and log in.
  4. Choose “Change my family doctor (Aile hekimimi değiştir)” button.
  5. Select Uskumruköy İsmail Hakkı Mete Aile Sağlık Merkezi and choose a doctor.
  6. Enter your height, weight, and Turkish mobile phone number.

Address: İsmail Hakkı Mete Aile Sağlığı Merkezi Uskumruköy Dere Sok. No:1 Sarıyer/İstanbul

2. Public Hospitals

To obtain a health report, you need to visit either a private or a public hospital with your passport (and residence permit card if you received it).

Private hospitals are quite expensive compared to public ones. You can collect a health report from a public hospital either for 50₺ (signed by one doctor which is accepted by the KU dorm management) or 100₺ (signed by a council).

To have a report from a public hospital, you should first have an appointment for a doctor of internal medicine via mhrs.gov.tr (available in English) or dialing 182 (Turkish only). Select a hospital, doctor, and appointment time. You should be there at least 10 minutes before your appointment. Please explain to your doctor that you need to have a health report. In case you need help with Turkish translation for the most common reasons to obtain a health report, we listed several useful phrases in Turkish in the below section. The doctor might ask for some tests if you mention any health issues. In that case, you need to pay for the tests as well.

The doctor will then guide you and issue your report, but first, you need to visit the pay desk (VEZNE), pay the amount, collect your receipt, and hand it to your doctor. Please have cash with you to pay the report fee.

You can select any hospital as you wish.

The closest public hospitals to KU:

  • Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Eğitim Ve Araştırma Hastanesi Sarıyer Çayırbaşı Ek Hizmet Binası
  • İstinye Devlet Hastanesi

3. Private Hospitals

Private hospitals and clinics are other sources of reports. Depending on the hospital’s availability, you may book an appointment in English. The price may differ from one another.

The closest one is the Sarıyer Tıp Merkezi. It costs 100₺ to obtain a health report signed by a single doctor there. However, if the doctor wants you to get any tests, you need to pay for the tests as well.

Instead of private ones, you can proceed with state hospitals as explained in the 2nd article. You should book an appointment for a state hospital by visiting the portal or calling 182. The portal has an English language option. However, the call center is available only in Turkish. The report costs 50 ₺.

In case you need help with Turkish translation for the most common reasons to obtain a health report, please check out the following phrases:
Hello! I need a health report for a driver's license.


Sürücü belgesi için bir sağlık raporuna ihtiyacım var.”

Hello! I need a health report to get married.


Evlilik işlemlerim için bir sağlık raporuna ihtiyacım var.”

Hello! I study at KU and I need a health report stating that there is no reason preventing me to stay in a dorm unit.

Ben Koç Üniversitesi’nden geliyorum ve yurtta konaklayabilmem için ‘Yurtta kalmasına sakınca yoktur’ yazılı bir sağlık raporuna ihtiyacım var.
İlginiz için çok teşekkür ederim”.

Hello! I need a health report for my employment procedures.


İşe giriş işlemlerim için sağlık raporuna ihtiyacım var.”