Career Development Center
Career Development Center offers comprehensive career services to all KU students and alumni in partnership with global resources, the corporate world, faculty and staff members, researchers, alumni, and families. Visit their website to learn more about the services and resources they provide.

The center is a part of the Dean of Students (DOS).



Counseling Services: KURES and KUPTEM

Counseling and Psychological Guidance services are available for all students by appointment. To make an appointment, please email If you are employed at KU, you have access to coaching services provided by professional mentors. If you would like to receive coaching support, please contact your HR partner at the Human Resources Office.

The center is a part of the Dean of Students (DOS).


KUPTEM is a comprehensive mental health center that provides various clinical services, including individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation, and treatment in partnership with Koç University Hospital and Amerikan Hospital. Its services are free of charge. Students from the School of Medicine, Nursing, and Graduate School of Health Sciences can also access similar services at Koç University Hospital.


AVITA Employee Assistance Program
Available only for KU employees and their family members.

AVITA is a 24/7 consultancy and information service accessible to employees and their cohabiting family members for potential causes of stress that they may wish to seek help with. As a KU employee, you may benefit from AVITA by dialing 0212 401 3061. The line is in Turkish; however, you will be directed to an English-speaking specialist.


Diversity, Inclusion, and Disabled Students Coordination Office
The Diversity, Inclusion, and Disabled Students Coordination Office enables every student with differences such as gender, religion, language, disability, and socio-cultural characteristics to participate equally in university life.

The office is a part of the Dean of Students (DOS).

Contact Person: Ms. Nihan Karahalil 


Phone: (212) 338 1216 


Student Clubs- Extra Curricular Activities Office
KU has more than 70 student clubs, and we are sure that there are plenty of clubs that will cater to your taste. Do not hesitate to check out the clubs and contact them to learn about their activities and how to join!

The office is a part of the Dean of Students (DOS).


Newcomer Advising Office
The office focuses on new undergraduate students and matches them with mentors. For UNIV 101 (A 1-credit year-long mandatory orientation course), you may check out their website.

The office is a part of the Dean of Students (DOS).



Office of International Programs (OIP)
OIP is committed to Koç University’s vision of becoming the leading research university for international education. OIP contributes to a multicultural campus and offers international education experiences that are innovative, collaborative, and accessible to faculty, staff, partners, and the student body.

It serves the whole community, and we are sure there are great exchange or project opportunities for you!

For inbound mobility questions, email; for outgoing mobility questions, email; for general inquiries, email

The office is part of the Dean of Students (DOS).


Scholarships Office
The Scholarships Office of Koç University aims to support students who need financial help. Basically, it consists of 10 parts:

  • Part-time Work Program
  • Part-time Summer Work Program
  • Koç University Financial Aid(KUDEB)
  • Dormitory Scholarship
  • Need-Based Scholarship
  • LİMDEF (Student Support Fund After BA or MA Degree)
  • Sports Scholarships
  • Overseas Conference Support
  • International Student Scholarships
  • Transfer Student Scholarships

The office is part of the Dean of Students (DOS).


Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center (SGKM)
Home to numerous cultural and art events, conferences, and meetings, SGKM will always have something going on throughout the year. Look out for SGKM flyers and posters around campus for upcoming shows and events or check the calendar on for further details

The office is part of the Dean of Students (DOS).


On the main campus, there is a multi-purpose gym with a seating capacity of 2,000, an open tennis court, a soccer field with artificial turf, and an ice rink. The gym measures 42 by 32 meters and includes a 156 m running track that offers a panoramic view of the courts, squash and racquetball courts, aerobics and dance rooms, a fitness room, a cardio room, and a table tennis section. In addition to these facilities, the gym can be used for tennis, basketball, volleyball, and handball.

On the west campus, there is a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool, a cardio-fitness center, a dance studio, and a table tennis section.

The gym is equipped with music and television broadcast capabilities, and the audio system allows music to be heard from every spot. It also has a heating and cooling system, making it available for use between 9.00 AM and 1.00 AM.

There are many sports groups/teams that you can join. Check out their website!

The office is part of the Dean of Students (DOS).

Athletics and Wellness

Both Main and West Campus feature different indoor and outdoor options for sports. Although Main Campus offers more in terms of facilities, West Campus’ indoor semi-Olympic pool is a popular choice during winter months.
Lockers for your belongings are available for free. You can request a locker key by checking your university ID for the duration of your workout. Balls and other gear are available at reception upon request. For your questions related to Athletics, fitness, dance, booking a court, or borrowing sports items at Koc you can email Sports Center coordinator Mr. Mehmet Bulak at or call x1656 from campus.


KOLT (Koç University Office of Learning and Teaching)
Tutoring services for students and classroom technology assistance for faculty/staff are available via walk-ins or appointments.

The KOLT is located adjacent to the main campus library. For more information about tutoring services and schedules, visit their website.



24/7 Open Library: Sına Kıraç
Suna Kirac Library is open 24/7 during Fall/Spring semesters unless otherwise announced. Any updates about library hours will be posted on KU Daily. Visit to learn more about resources and create your library account. You can speak with a reference librarian for your special requests or general information about the libraries of KU around Türkiye. The Suna Kıraç Library is fully accessible to the disabled.


KU Alumni Relations Office
KU Alumni Relations Office manages the alumni network of KU and offers several alumni services. To learn more visit or call x1257.


Communication Channels, Mobile Apps
KU Mobil App

Koç Üniversitesi Mobil is designed to enhance the experience of students and staff at KU by providing personalized information and easy access to online university services. Some of its key features include:

  • Search campus maps for buildings and locations.
  • View library loans.
  • Access personalized timetables.
  • Check shuttle service and public transportation information.
  • Discover today’s menu at Yemekhane.
  • Utilize people’s search to find friends or faculty, and easily call or email contacts, adding them directly to your address book.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest Koç University news and events.
  • Newcomers’ Guide is also accessible through the KU Mobil App.

KU Daily

If you are officially affiliated with KU, you will receive daily news at 7:25 AM on your KU email, with the subject line “KU Daily”. The KU Daily emails are organized using a listserve system, ensuring that they contain useful and new information and announcements tailored to KU students, faculty, and staff. Each KU member is automatically subscribed to KU Daily and receives news relevant to their specific role at KU. For instance, a student will not see news about staff promotions. Faculty or staff who wish to post an announcement or event ad on KU Daily should contact their department secretaries or respective staff for more information. Student News is managed by the student council and club activities office.

With these tools at your disposal, staying informed and connected within the KU community has never been easier. The KU Mobil App and KU Daily are designed to keep you up-to-date and engaged throughout your journey at Koç University.

Goin’ App

Are you curious about who will be your future classmates? Looking for like-minded students who are also goin’ to Koç University? Via Goin’ Connect you can find other students already before arrival!

Goin’ is an online platform that provides an extremely easy way to find and connect with other students like you. Join groups, events and connect with your future classmates.

You can download the app for Android or Apple. Just enter the code sent to you via email and click on login and you can meet and connect with your future classmates.

Stay Updated: News & Announcements

Keeping yourself informed is crucial for staying ahead in your academic journey and campus life. Missing out on official announcements regarding immigration procedures, academic matters, or campus operations can lead to unnecessary challenges. To ensure you’re always on top of things, we’ve curated a list of reliable resources for you to check regularly:

  1. Announcements: For official updates and important news, visit:
  2. KU Daily: Once you have your KU email address, expect to receive daily news at 7:25 AM under the subject line “KU Daily.” This listserve system is a valuable source of information and announcements for KU students, faculty, and staff. 
  3. ICO’s Monthly Newsletter: Stay updated on news, updates, and announcements from Türkiye, Istanbul, KU, and the ICO. The Monthly Newsletter is published and shared on the first Friday of each month. Access the latest and previous editions here:
  4. ICO’s Instagram Account: Follow @icokocuniv on Instagram for essential legal & social announcements and insights into Turkish culture, catering to the KU international community.

Stay connected with these reliable sources, and you’ll always be well-informed and prepared for whatever comes your way. Knowledge is power, and we want you to have all the tools you need for a successful journey at Koc University.

Domestic and International Mailing
At KU, we offer various mailing options to cater to your needs. During your orientation, you will be informed about the available mailing services based on your status at the university. The university’s Mailroom, conveniently situated next to the underground parking lot, handles general mailing services. Additionally, at this location, you can access both domestic and international mailing/shipping services.

Adjacent to the Mailroom, you’ll find Yurtiçi Kargo, a private domestic shipping company that offers faster shipment of your packages and essential documents. For sending or receiving mail, you can utilize the following address example. The Mailroom acts as a central hub, receiving everyone’s mail and packages on their behalf and notifying the recipients for pick-up.

DHL International
For our international community members, we have DHL international shipping services available. Please note that there are different procedures for students and others. To use DHL shipping services and address any related issues, we recommend reaching out to Ms. Nermin Taylan (Administrative Affairs Senior Specialist) at

Rest assured that at KU, we prioritize efficient and reliable mailing services to ensure your correspondence reaches its destination smoothly, both domestically and internationally. If you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to contact the relevant personnel or offices mentioned above.

Businesses and Facilities
The Facilities Department ( oversees the operations of all services, facilities, and businesses on our campus. To provide you with the most up-to-date information, they maintain a comprehensive website detailing the available services, hours of operation, and contact information for all the facilities: (

Service Providers on Campus
Our campus boasts a diverse range of service providers managed by the Office of the General Secretary ( Among them are copy centers, a hairdresser, a souvenir shop, a bookstore, a grocery store, a private cargo brand (Yurtiçi), a bank branch (Yapı Kredi), and more. For the latest company listings, please visit You can also find their working schedules at this link.

To access contact information for campus services such as transportation, dining, logistics, and more, kindly explore:

At KU, we strive to ensure that our facilities and businesses cater to your needs and provide a seamless experience throughout your time on campus. Be sure to check the provided links for the most accurate and current information about our diverse services and offerings. Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the respective departments mentioned above.

Services Explained

  • Vending Machines on Campus
    You’ll find vending machines conveniently placed throughout the campus. These machines are stocked with snacks and soft drinks, available for purchase anytime during the week.
  • Hair Salon
    The Hair Salon is situated at the Student Center, on the 3rd Floor (Room B323). While appointments are recommended, walk-ins are also welcome. For scheduling or inquiries, please call 0212 338 30 35.
  • Copy Center
    The Copyland Copy Center is located on the 2nd Floor of the Student Center. It offers a variety of copying services to meet your needs.
  • Photobooth
    Our self-service Photobooth provides high-quality and rapid passport photos for official purposes. During most sessions, you can obtain 6 photos. The price is indicated on the booth on a sticker label. The Photobooth is conveniently situated on the 1st Floor of the Student Center, right around the corner from Yapi Kredi Bank.
Technical/Work Requests: Trackit System
There are five major trackit systems at our disposal: IT- Trackit, C Trackit, H Trackit, Finance Trackit, and HR Trackit.

IT Trackit is particularly for your IT-related inquiries.
C Trackit handles electrical, mechanical, and building-related issues.
H Trackit is specifically designed for housing issues.
Finance Trackit deals with financial matters.
HR Trackit is the go-to system for Human Resources-related issues.

All these track-it categories operate on a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) principle. When you submit a request, you will be issued a unique ticket number, allowing you to track the progress of your work request from start to finish. To submit a track-it request, simply visit

For the Dean of Students (DOS) offices, you have the option to create a DOS Trackit.

We encourage you to make use of these efficient trackit systems to streamline your work requests and ensure timely resolutions. If you have any questions or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to utilize the appropriate trackit system for your specific needs.

Eating on Campus
Most cafeterias on campus are open from 7 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday. For specific café or restaurant information, please visit:

University Dining Hall (YEMEKHANE)

Located on the Lower 2nd floor, the dining hall offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. You can find a variety of choices, including a salad bar, grill specialties, entrees, and a pasta bar. Access the daily menu, prices, and latest updates through the KU Mobile App. 

Please note that Sahur (Suhoor) is also provided for fasting students during Ramazan (Ramadan).


SETCARD is a convenient pre-filled meal card provided by the university for personnel and certain graduate students. Each month, users receive a set balance of money for food, which they can use as they please. SETCARDS are accepted at all campus food vendors, small food shops, restaurants, and select grocery stores around the city. To identify businesses that accept SETCARDS, look for the SETCARD sticker or decal displayed on the window or door of the shop. You can also inquire at a shop or restaurant if they accept the card for payment. To refill your SETCARD balance, you can do so on campus or at any shop/restaurant that accepts the card. In the unfortunate event of losing your SETCARD, please inform the Human Resources office immediately to have your card blocked, as someone with your card can spend your balance. Additionally, you have the option to download the SETCARD app on your mobile phone. Through the app, you can conveniently check your card’s balance online and find companies that have an agreement with SETCARD. For more information, visit