Our KU Guide Mehrdad will take you on an entertaining tour to a visit to the Tulip Garden at Emirgan this Monday!

Bring your friends along to enjoy the breathtaking view of the colorful flower gardens. We will capture beautiful pictures and videos to cherish these memories forever. Finally, we will have dinner at one of the lovely restaurants in İstinye.

Do not miss the opportunity!

RSVP is a must!

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As early as the 12th century, Turkish migrants introduced various wild species of tulips from Central Asia to Anatolia. By the 16th century, these exquisite flowers had become highly regarded in Ottoman society, and Istanbul, previously known as Constantinople, gained fame for them from the late 17th century to the early 18th century. The palace gardens were filled with new varieties of tulips, and European visitors were captivated by their beauty. The “Tulip Fever” spread westward, eventually reaching the Netherlands.

The 12-year period leading up to the 1730s was called “The Tulip Era” or “Lale Devri” in Turkish. It was a relatively peaceful time during which the Ottoman Empire began to orient itself toward Europe.

The contemporary festival takes place in Istanbul every spring, throughout the month of April. The exact timing of the festival depends on the climate, as the flowers are at their best during certain weather conditions. In 2023, the festival is expected to last for the last three weeks of April and possibly extend into early May due to late snow this year.

Teams of gardeners will have planted millions of tulips throughout the city’s parks and public spaces, which will be in full bloom during the festival, inviting visitors to take a leisurely stroll. In addition to the tulips, the park authorities will organize performances, concerts, and exhibitions.

Emirgan Park on the European side of Istanbul is a large park and the main hub of the Istanbul Tulip Festival. It offers stunning long-distance views of the Bosphorus and features köşk mansions that host traditional craft demonstrations such as paper marbling, calligraphy, glass blowing, and painting. Musical performances take place outside on pop-up stages.

Event Plan

4 PM: Meeting at the Main Campus Bus Stop to go to the West campus by shuttle.

4:30 PM: Meeting at the West Campus Bus Stop (Sariyer Evleri Station) to go to Sariyer Merkez by 150 bus or Dolmuş.

5 PM: Changing bus to 25E at Sariyer Merkez to go to Emirgan Park. 

5:30 PM: We will be at Emirgan Park and visit the Tuiıp Garden. 

8 PM: We will go to a restaurant to have dinner.

9:30 PM: We will come back to campus by 25E and 150.

Date: May 1st,  2023, Monday

Time: Between 4- 10 PM

Location: Emirgan Park, Reşitpaşa, Emirgan Sokak, 34467 Sarıyer/İstanbul

Where and when to meet the KU Guides and the group?

  1. At the Main Campus bus stop at 4 PM
  2. At the West Campus bus stop at 4:30 PM
  3. At the İstinye, Emirgan Park, in front of Huqqa restaurant at the entrance of Emirgan Park at 5:30 PM (depending on traffic it will be later than the estimated time)

Do I have to pay for anything?

Participants have to pay for their expenses, including transportation, food & beverages in the restaurant. 

It would be recommended to carry some cash with you.

RSVP is a must!

Please fill out the RSVP form after checking the details below: click here

This activity will be led by Mehrdad .

You can email him if you have any questions.