Each individual who wants to work in Türkiye must possess a work permit. 

A work permit is a government-issued ID card for international employees in Türkiye. It contains a unique ID number that begins with 99, and it is also a residence permit. It can only be applied for by an employer.


⇒ Undergraduate International Students can only accept and begin part-time employment upon completion of 1 year of study in Türkiye. They can not work full-time. 

⇒ Graduate Students can accept employment anytime with no restriction. 

Important: If you have a valid residence permit with a length of a minimum of 6 months into the past or in total with the remaining amount of time, your application can be done within Türkiye. Otherwise, you must apply to a Turkish Mission abroad and wait for approval. Please contact your employer/ company.

Studying and Working at the Same Time

You can both be enrolled in an academic program and be employed at the same time (except for 1st-year students) and not lose any privileges as a student.

If you work remotely at a company abroad while living in Istanbul, you do not have to take any action for that in Türkiye. You do not need to pay any taxes in Türkiye for the income you make from your remote occupation abroad.

Career Development Center (CDC)

You can consult our Career Development Center (CDC) for employment opportunities. They can help you with CV writing, interview practices, and more.

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e-Mail Address: career@ku.edu.tr

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