Come watch a Turkish Yeşilçam Movie with us and observe Turkish family culture!
KU Guides takes you on yet another tour!

This time, our KU Guide Nil will take you on a tour at Bosphorus, Ortaköy!

Join her to explore Ortaköy, taste delicious kumpir, and visit Istanbul Naval Museum!

Do not miss this opportunity!



Istanbul Naval Museum

Ortaköy is a vivacious area centered on its waterfront square, where crowds gather to listen to spontaneous concerts, and sip tea or Turkish coffee on cafe terraces. Stands serving waffles or kumpir (stuffed baked potatoes) share busy alleys with souvenir stalls. 

Ortaköy Camii, Great Mecidiye Mosque, is well-matched with Ortaköy square worldwide.  Its decoration attracts people. It sits at the Bosphorus edge in the shadow of the Bosphorus Bridge. 

Kumpir is a baked potato buried under a mound of your chosen toppings, like sweetcorn, peas, tuna flakes, and kısır (Bulgur-based salad in Turkish cuisine), served in a small box with disposable utensils. Cheese and butter should certainly not be omitted.

These giant morsels are great for eating by the seaside or sitting on a park bench, preferably in Ortakoy which is one of the top seaside districts of Istanbul and famous for its street kumpir stands.

It is a national naval museum located in the Beşiktaş district. It was established in 1897 by the Ottoman Minister of Navy Bozcaadalı Hasan Hüsnü Pasha.

The museum contains an important collection of military artifacts pertaining to the Ottoman Navy.  In the field of maritime, it is Turkey’s largest museum, with a great variety of collections. 

An entry fee is required.

Official website:

Tour Plan

  • 13.45-14.30 Meeting at and exploring the square, taste kumpir or waffle
  • 14.30-14.55 Sightseeing of the Great Mecidiye Mosque (Ortaköy Mosque)
    • Female participants can bring a shawl or such cloth to cover their heads to show respect. 
  • 15-16 Visiting the Ortaköy Sunday Market (Better to have cash)
  • 16.10-16.30 Departure to the Istanbul Naval Museum
  • 16.30-17.10 Istanbul Nava Museum (optional)
  • 17.10 and afterward, we will have something to eat those who want to join in Beşiktas center

Time: October 22nd, 2022, Saturday between 12:00- 17:10 (Noon- 5:10 PM)

Location: Ortaköy, Beşiktaş

Where and when to meet the KU Guides and the group?

There are 3 meeting points for your convenience: 

  1. KU Main Campus, Gate of Knowledge (Gate next to the fountain) at 11.45 
  2. Haciosman Metro, next to the escalators descending to the metro at 12:30
  3. Ortakoy, right at the entrance to Kumpirciler (Mecidiye Köprüsü) Street at 13:45

Do I have to pay for anything?

The tour is free of charge. Yet, you need to pay for a ticket to the Naval Museum if you want to visit. You are also required to pay for your transportation and the food&bevarages you buy during the tour. Our guides can not make any payment on your behalf. 

Tickets to the Istanbul Naval Museum

  • Students between 19-25 years old: 25₺
  • Students between 26-65 years old: 40₺
  • Regular price: 100₺
  • Taking photos inside: 50₺
  • Taking videos inside: 100₺

*Students must show their KU ID cards for discounted fares. Only cash is accepted at the ticket booth. 

RSVP is a must!

Please fill out the RSVP form:

This activity will be led by Nil. You can email her if you have any questions.