Dear Members of the Koç University International Community,

As COVID-19 cases are increasing in Türkiye, we wanted to remind the university management’s regulation on campus entries.

Measures for entering the campus (Rumeli Feneri Campus and West Campus) as of Thursday, November 19, 2020:

  • Body temperature reading: Per our announcement on “Occupational Safety Measures and Rules for the New Semester” from October, all individuals who access the campus are required to have their body temperature readings taken while entering the campus.
  • COVID-19 Self Checker Application: All who enter the campus are required to fill in the “COVID-19 Self Checker Application” which contains a few health questions related to COVID-19. (Please refer to our announcement on “Occupational Safety Measures and Rules for the New Semester” from October for further details on how to use the App.)
    • Individuals must fill out the form regardless if they are showing symptoms or not.
    • On days where there have been multiple entries to campus, individuals are asked to fill out the form once, during their first entry.
    • Academic staff residing in on-campus housing are required to fill out this application when they enter the campus via the main entrance. Additionally, they are strongly urged to fill out this application when accessing the main campus academic buildings from their on-campus housing area, as a necessary measure of protection extremely beneficial in terms of awareness, early diagnosis, and epidemic control.
  • HES code control: All visitors are required to obtain a HES code and enter it once via the COVID-19 Self Checker Application, allowing the code to be recorded. Therefore, the declared HES code will be automatically checked every day, allowing those who are at risk (those who tested positive for COVID-19 PCR or who have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person) to be determined.HES code is to be checked upon entry to campus for those who are not Koç University faculty and staff (including non-faculty residents and house workers at on-campus houses, delivery people, etc.) so that university security can assess the risk status.
  • COVID-19 Training: Before entering the campus, KU affiliates must complete the “COVID-19 Informational Training”. Lists will be checked upon campus entry, and KU affiliates who have not completed the training will not be allowed to enter the campus. Those who have already completed this training can disregard this step.
    • You can access the online COVID-19 training from your personal Blackboard page with your username and password.
    • Please contact for all your support questions.

If any of the aforementioned measures are not followed, the related individuals will not be allowed to enter the campus.

We would once again like to remind you of the importance of strict adherence to these rules and thank you for your utmost attention, patience, and understanding.