Once you submit your documents to the Migration Directorate, it will take a few weeks to be processed. 

It is solely your responsibility to check up on your application status and visit the Migration Directorate in-person in case of a missing document. 

In this regard, please make sure you frequently check the status of your application through the e-ikamet website by clicking the “I would like to see my application result” button. The information will be available only on this page only after your application is processed.

If you have an e-Devlet account, you can also view your application status on the Müracaat Belgesi Sorgulama page.

If your application is approved, then you should download the “Müracaat Belgesi” document as shown below. This document will contain your SRP information as well as allow you to exit the borders as mentioned on our Travelling Without SRP Card page.

Upon approval, you may find detailed information regarding your SRP card arrival on our “Collecting Your SRP Card” page.

If the system states that you have missing documents, you will need to visit the Migration Office you submitted your documents to.

Note that missing documents must be collected and submitted to the authorities within 30 days starting from the date it is indicated in the e-ikamet system. Missing this deadline means rejection of your application. In that case, you need to make a new application from scratch if you have a remaining visa or permission to stay without a visa period. If you do not have, you will be obligated to depart from Türkiye and re-enter in order to make a new application.

If the instructions you receive through the platform are not clear, you can dial the 157 – Foreigners Communication Center and request further details. If there are still any issues, you can reach out to us by creating a Trackit request through Dean of Students Trackit / ICO Requests.