Have your acceptance letter handy when you first arrive.

In Türkiye, universities have designated entrances manned by security personnel. You must be an affiliate or guest of an affiliate to enter the campus. Therefore, until you have your KU student ID, you will need to show your acceptance letter to the security guards at the gate in order to the enter the campus. Please note that the security guards speak little to no English and may ask you to fill out a guest form.

Learn your housing details and address.

Upon signing the housing terms and conditions, the housing personnel will tell you your address details. If you have not already done so, ask the staff to write down the address and other necessary information for you. You will need this information for taxi drivers, opening your bank account, applying for residence permit or tax ID, and more.

Connect to the WiFi.

Dorm personnel will inform you about the WiFi. Even if you might not have a working sim card in Türkiye, your phone’s internet will work which you can use to contact your friends, family, and the international office staff at KU. The dorm staff will share with you the necessary numbers upon check-in. You can WhatsApp message the ICO staff to ask any questions or to inform them of your arrival.

Download these apps.

Once you have internet connection, you can download these useful apps:

1. Koç Üniversitesi Mobil (classrooms, maps, transportation, eating, advisories)

2. Trafi (best transit app for Istanbul)

3. Sesli Sozluk (Turkish-English dictionary on the go).

Don’t forget to bring

Unfitted bed sheets and a pillowcase (dorms provide blanket and pillow), pain killers, adapters and chargers for your mobile phone or other devices, and US Dollars or Euros cash (accepted for most transactions). For more information, you can visit the dormitory website or check the Packing Tips section within the Pre-Arrival Resources webpage on our website.