You will receive emails about purchasing your HGS stickers for the Fast Transit Pass System for driving in Türkiye. You can drive in Türkiye with a valid driver’s license from any country for up to 6 months. This license must be translated into Turkish and notarized. We suggest the 23rd Notary Public since its location and the translation service it provides are convenient.
If you’d like to continue driving beyond 6 months in Türkiye, you have 2 options:

1. Converting your license to a Turkish one

2. Obtaining a new Turkish driver’s license

Application for Conversion of Your License

IMPORTANT: You can convert your license if the country you obtained your driver’s license is a party to the Convention on Road Traffic.

Steps to take:

1. Visit // and apply for an appointment. (Please click here for the step-by-step guide on filling out the application form).

2. Go to your appointment with the required documents.

Required documents:

1. Original and a color photocopy of your driving license

2. A notary public or consulate approved Turkish translation of your license

3. An identity document, i.e. passport, residence permit card

4. Driver’s health report

5. Document showing your blood type (You can request it along with your health report)

6. Receipt of the valuable papers and the foundations’ share fees. You can make the payment to any Ziraat Bank branch. You can tell the authorized person: “Ehliyet harç, değerli kağıt ve vakıf payı ücretlerini ödemek istiyorum”. For automobiles, class B, it costs 1000.90₺ (110$) in total (subject to change).

7. 1 biometric photograph

8. Criminal report

9. Education certificate, latest diploma (Notarized translation if obtained from abroad). We recommend the 23rd Notary Public since its location and translation service are convenient.

Application for a New Turkish Driver’s License from Scratch

Steps to take:

1. Find an authorized driving school that teaches in English. We suggest Villa Levent since the location is convenient. You can contact them via WhatsApp: +90 545 686 53 50. They provide English courses and materials. It is all-inclusive (Classes and examination fee.) Please ask for the course price before you start.

2. Get ready for both theoretical and practical tests. There are 2 exams in the process:

   a. Theoretical test: Once every month the test takes place and you can attend the test with a translator. You are expected to correctly answer 70 questions out of 100.
   b. Practical test: If you pass the theoretical test, you have the right to attend the practical test which takes approximately 15 minutes. You can choose either automatic or manual training and attend the test according to your choice.
Note that if you choose an automatic car, you cannot drive a manual car with your license.

3. Collect your license if you pass the exams. To do so, visit // and book an appointment. Please click here for the step-by-step guide on filling out the application form.)

Required Documents:

1. 4 biometric photographs (For driver’s license)

2. Education certificate, latest diploma (Notarized translation if obtained from abroad)

3. Address registration certificate

4. Criminal report

5. Health report

6. Passport and residence permit card

Purchasing a Vehicle


Foreigners residing in Türkiye can get a vehicle by:

  1. Purchasing a new vehicle while paying the government-determined taxes.
  2. Purchasing a new vehicle while not paying any tax and converting their license plate into a Turkish license plate (temporary importation).

The 2nd option is conducted by Turing Institution. You can get more information at