Students with Family

Even though KU does not have an arranged set-up for students with families and a very tiny portion of international graduate student population come to Istanbul with their families, the university housing, other units and the International Community Office try to accommodate the needs of students with family. As ICO, we work to develop and provide resources that can be useful for such students.

Family Visa and Residence in Turkey


Nationals of countries who are eligible to obtain touristic visas to Turkey do not need a special type of visa other than a touristic visa for regular entry. If, by nationality, a consular visa is required dependents must apply for a visa at the nearest Turkish consulate of their residence and follow the procedures of that specific mission. An online pre-application is available for this option from any country. Regardless of age (newborns included), each person must abide by visa or non-visa entry rules depending on nationality. Visa Information for Foreigners page on official Foreign Affairs website provides visa rules for A-Z list of countries. An ordinary visa refers to a touristic visa in that list.


E-visa is a touristic visa that allows citizens of certain countries to visit Turkey without an in-person visa application at a consulate. Family members can use E-visa module also to figure out if they are eligible for touristic entry and to learn about visa requirements.

Family Residence

Residence becomes relevant when a family member plans to stay in Turkey longer than the amount of time permitted through a visa or passport. This is most often from 30 to 90 days. If any family member is expected to stay longer than the visa expiration date, residence permit application must be made within the visa length. The sooner, the better since residence permit will make the travels overseas easier, allow the individual to open a bank account and perform other administrative procedures more easily.

Dependent Residence Permits are issued for a maximum length of 2 years each time, however this length is first contingent upon the residence permit of the benefactor.

Tips While Making the Application


Appointment Type


Children Born in Turkey

Children born in Turkey are allowed 6 months to acquire a residence permit. This period is adjusted downwards depending on the length of the benefactor’s residence permit. However, even if the benefactor’s residence permit is valid longer, the maximum amount of time allowed until a residence permit application is made on behalf of the newborn is still 6 months.

Any travel of the newborn outside Turkey, at any time, without a residence permit is a violation of foreigners’ protection laws and subject to fines. As such, if a student has a baby near graduation and is leaving Turkey soon, there might be penalties upon exiting the border unless the family acquires the newborn’s residence permit card before their departure.

Parents must have an official birth certificate issued in Turkey soon after the birth. This document will also be required at the time of residence permit application. It must be noted that this document does not replace a residence permit and cannot be used for travels outside Turkey or to enter Turkey.

Required Documents for an International Birth Certificate:

Original Hospital Birth Record

Parents’ Original residence permits and passports

In-person Application at Civil Registry Office, no appointment needed

Underage Children (Below 18)

Health Insurance and Tax ID

Each international student must have a valid health insurance with respective minimum coverage set forth by Foreigners’ Protection Laws in Turkey. This is an obligation for the purposes of acquiring a residence permit in Turkey, however, students without a valid insurance at the time of enrollment can sign a temporary waiver petition to proceed with residence permit application without a health insurance.

The temporary waiver is only for 3 months, and after the first residence permit in Turkey, an original health insurance policy must be submitted at renewal applications. No second time application will be valid without an originally signed health insurance policy.