We are very pleased to welcome you to Koç University (KU) as the International Community Services Office.

We are a part of the Office of International Programs and we are in charge of work/residence permit arrangements for international faculty, staff, students, and dependents. We are also a resource hub for numerous topics about the lives of internationals in Istanbul and Türkiye.

We work closely with Human Resources (HR) and other departments and cooperate in certain places to support newcomers.

Please always check the accuracy of the documents with HR.

We are only providing instructions to help international newcomers.

Below you can find some directions and tips about how to prepare your onboarding documents for your employment to become official at KU.

If you have any questions regarding the documents required by HR, please contact Ms. Nuray Daştan at NDASTAN@ku.edu.tr.

We strongly advise you to read through the “Newcomers’ Guide” and “Faculty Welcome Guide“– publications by our office- and refer to them anytime you are looking for information about the university or life in Türkiye.

Notarized Copies of Diplomas

We suggest the Çeviri Teknesi Translation Office which is next to and working with the 23rd Notary Public. We recommend it since its location and the translation service it provides are convenient.

You can find the directions and a photo of the 23rd Notary Public here.

Please have your work permit card and passport with you.

Address Registration Certificate

Please visit our Obtaining Official Documents webpage to learn how to register your address and collect an Address Registration Certificate.

Bank Account

To learn how to open a bank account, please visit our Opening a Bank Account page.

Chest X-ray

You can have a chest x-ray at any hospital or medical center (Tıp Merkezi in Turkish). Alternatively, you can also obtain it from a tuberculosis dispensary.

It will cost a certain amount of Turkish Lira (₺). We do not know the amount, but we suggest you visit there with some cash.

When you go there, you can read out or show the following sentence to a staff member:

İşe giriş için akciğer filmi almaya geldim (I came to have my chest x-ray for my employment)”

Please have your work permit card and passport with you.

Closest health units to campus: ico.ku.edu.tr/resources/health-emergency/

Sarıyer Tuberculosis Dispensary: Map Location

Taksim Tuberculosis Dispensary: Map Location

Health Report and Blood Test

To learn how to obtain a health report, please visit our Obtaining a Health Report page.

You may declare that you need a blood test as well for your employment when you visit your doctor.

Please have your work permit card and passport with you.