İstanbulkart offers students and faculty discounted fares for each ride across all modes of transportation in Istanbul (except for dolmuş/minibus which are cash only). 

You can apply for İstanbulkart either online or in-person. 

Postdoctoral researchers are not eligible for this discounted public transit card.

Online Application

Turkish Phone Number Required


1. Sign up on the İstanbulkart website

Visit the online application page or İstanbulkart app and sign up with your Turkish phone number. 

While registering, the system asks for your foreign ID number written on your residence permit/work permit.

If you are a student and you have not gotten a residence permit card yet, you may use your temporary foreign ID number starting with “98” which is stated on your student enrollment verification.

2. Request a student/faculty transportation card

Under the menu on the website or the İstanbulkart app, click on the menu and select “Card Application”. There, choose either Öğrenci (student) or  Öğretmen (faculty) and proceed.

Since it is required to upload your headshot to the system, please have one available in JPEG format on your device.

Make sure to choose Koç University for your card delivery.

3. Pay the card fee

You will be paying the card fee (which can be found here under “İndirimli” and “İlk Başvuru”) through the online application form. You can pay the fee with your credit card at the last step of your application. Please make sure that your credit card is available for international transactions. Other means of payment are not accepted.

3. Await your İstanbulkart arrival

After completing the online application form, your card will be issued and delivered to the Rumelifeneri Campus. You can track the delivery via the Application Number given on the website/app. Once it arrives, you may collect it from Student Center, -1st Floor, Mail Center (Next to Yurtiçi Kargo).


If you are unable to apply online before your residence permit card arrives, you may do an in-person application.

In-Person Application
If you cannot obtain the discounted İstanbulkart from the online application or if, as a student, you are applying for a İstanbulkart prior to receiving your residence permit card, you may visit Karaköy İstanbulkart Application Center which is the main office.

Upon your visit, inform the staff that you want to obtain a discounted İstanbulkart or say: “Öğrenci (student)/Öğretmen (teacher) indirimli İstanbulkart almak istiyorum”. The staff will receive your application along with the required documents and issue your card. 


Required Documents

  1. Residence Permit/Work Permit Card (if you have one)
  2. Passport
  3. 1 headshot photograph (taken in the last 6 months)
  4. Proof that you are a KU Member
    • For students: Student Enrollment Certificate
    • For faculty: Your faculty card and an official document from KU HR stating that you work under YÖK (Higher Education Council) and eligible to benefit from discounted transportation fares as a faculty member
  5. Card fee (can be found here under “İndirimli” “İlk Başvuru”)
Refilling your İstanbulkart
You can refill your card through the refill machines (Biletmatik) placed almost all over the public transit points, KU main campus Student Center lower 1st floor (next to Yapı Kredi Bank), and newsstands with signs: “İstanbulkart Bayii” or “İstanbulkart Dolum Merkezi”.


Besides these options, there is a very convenient mobile application that allows you to refill your card online from your phone. If your phone has NFC (Near Field Communication) function, you can download the İstanbulkart Application to your phone and refill your card easily by your credit card. The application can be used in English as well.

İstanbulkart on App Store

İstanbulkart on Google Play Store


The student İstanbulkart can also be filled with monthly 200 passes for 109₺ (subject to change) on the app or at a newsstand, this process is called “aylık”.

Lost/Damaged İstanbulkart
If you happen to lose or damage your İstanbulkart, make sure to follow the steps below.

1. Cancel your lost card by calling 153 helpline

If you lose your İstanbulkart, call 153 from any phone (for other languages, press *) and cancel your İstanbulkart. The customer representative will ask for your foreigner ID number and a security question to complete the cancellation process.

2. Make an online application same as the first time OR visit an İstanbulkart Application Center with the required documents 

If you had money in your old card, we advise you to visit an İstanbulkart Application Center as you will be able to both apply for a new card and transfer your old balance to the new card at the center. The closest application center to the university is the Sarıyer İstanbulkart Application Center (Beyaz Masa) next to Mehmet Akif Ersoy Park. 

Required Documents

  1. Residence permit card
  2. 1 headshot photograph (taken in the last 6 months)
  3. Original KU student ID card and student enrollment verification with your foreign ID number/ Original KU faculty ID card
  4. Lost card renewal fee (can be found here under “İndirimli” “Kayıp”)
Renewing Your İstanbulkart
  • You should renew your student status for İstanbulkart annually. This process is called vizeleme and the cost can be found here under “İndirimli” “Vizeleme”
  • Without vizeleme, when the status expires, the fares will go back to regular fares. You may renew the status of your İstanbulkart in December at the refill machines or newsstands with signs:  “İstanbulkart Bayii” or “İstanbulkart Dolum Merkezi”.
  • If you miss this limited time, you can visit one of the application centers and renew your status in person with the same application documents.