If you already have a touristic residence permit and became a student at KU, or, if you will withdraw from your studies at KU and change the purpose of your residence permit from student to touristic, you can apply for a transfer application.
Permit applications with missing documents are not accepted. Please make sure that you double-check your documents with the list of required documents. All photocopies should be taken separately to A4 size papers. Having a missing document will cause you to wait until next month’s document submission day. If your visa or permission to stay without a visa period expires, this delay may result in a fine that you will need to pay. So, this is very important to make sure your documents are complete.
Transferring touristic purpose residence permit to a student one
If you are transferring your touristic residence permit to student one, you should start your application after your registration at KU. You will then collect the required documents and submit your papers to us.
Please find our instructions below:
This type of application requires the same documents for the renewal applications of student permits. Therefore, please check out our website and start collecting the required documents after submitting your online application.
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Renewal SRP Application
Transferring student purpose residence permit to a touristic one

If you are transferring your student residence permit to a touristic one, you should start your application before your withdrawal, you can make your online application at latest 1 day prior to your withdrawal.

Please find our instructions below:

You will then collect your documents and submit them to the authorities as explained in your online application form and at //e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/. Since you will not be a student anymore and you are applying for a touristic purpose, it is an individual application and not university-related.

Please note that touristic purpose residence permits are not guaranteed and you do need to pay both the application fee and the card fee.

e-İkamet (Official Residence Permit Application Website)