Reaching KU Main Campus from Sabiha Gökçen Airport

1. Taxi

Follow the signs for exit/ground transportation and see the taxi stop right outside the exit doors. You will be helped by a dispatcher immediately. The approximate duration will be 70 minutes depending on the route and traffic conditions. If you’d like to pay with a credit card, download a Taxi App, BiTaksi or iTaksi, and pay using the app. If you choose this option, you must call the taxi via the app.

Here is a taxi fee calculator.

Multiple Transfers

2. Airport Shuttle + M2 Green Line Metro + Bus/Minibus/Taxi:

The airport shuttle is recommended for people with heavy luggage; however, it should be noted that ground transportation will be slower during peak hours (check the Istanbul traffic status map). Otherwise, it is a comfortable option.

Follow these steps:
  • Purchase the Istanbul Public Transportation Card called “İstanbulkart” from a newsstand inside the airport and ask the keeper to load 100₺ into your card.
  • When exiting the airport from the baggage claim area and following the signs for the airport shuttle, you will see white buses with HAVABÜS written in blue lined up in the middle lane outside the airport. There are electronic signs in front of the buses indicating the location they are going to. Take the one that reads TAKSİM. Upon boarding, tap your Istanbulkart to the machine. They also accept cash and give you a receipt. If you pay with the card, be sure to notify the fare collector or the driver.
  • Look for the Metro entry that is located right next to your shuttle arrival point and take M2 (Green Line Yenikapı-Hacıosman) to HACIOSMAN (last stop in this direction). Click here to view the Istanbul Rail Network map.
  • When you arrive at Hacıosman, follow the signs and exit through Otobüs Durakları (Bus Terminal). From here, you have several options to reach the KU Main Campus:

         Option A: (Recommended) Find bus 154 and tap your İstanbulkart into the machine. It takes 50 minutes. The final destination on this bus will be KU Main Campus. If you want to get to the dorms, the name of the stop to get off on campus is “SAĞLIK MERKEZİ“. This is one stop before the last stop. If you want to get to the main area, get off at the last stop.

         Option B: Cross the street and take a minibus (pay in cash to the driver) with the KOÇ ÜNİVERSİTESİ sign at the front windshield or side window. The ride takes 1 hour and those minibusses are available every 10 mins from 7 AM-11 PM daily. Tell the driver KOÇ ÜNİVERSİTESİ ANA KAMPÜS.

         Option C: Take a taxi right in front of the bus terminal (you will see the uniformed dispatcher and taxis waiting). The ride takes 21 minutes. Only pay whatever the meter reads. Please do not bargain.

3. Public Bus + M4  Pink Line Metro + Marmaray + M2 Green Line Metro + Bus/Minibus/Taxi

Follow these steps:
  1. Purchase the Istanbul Public Transportation Card called “İstanbulkart” from a newsstand inside the airport and ask the keeper to load 100₺ into your card.
  2. Exit the baggage claim area and reach the street where ground transportation is available. Across the street, you will see public bus lines and people waiting in the lines. Find the line for E10 (Express – business hours) or E11 (6 AM-1:10 AM). Reach the last stop on this route to KADIKOY.
  3. Transfer to M4 Pink Line Metro towards Kartal. Get off at the next stop called AYRILIK CESMESI and transfer to underwater Subway Marmaray to Yenikapı Station (Marmaray fares and hours).
  4. At Yenikapi transfer to M2 Green Metro Line toward Hacıosman. Get off at HACIOSMAN (last stop).
  5. When you arrive at Haciosman, follow the signs and exit through Otobüs Durakları (Bus Terminal). From here, choose one of the options mentioned in Option 2.