It’s our pleasure to announce the resumption of our KU Guides Program for Fall ’23. Enjoy!
What is KU Guides Program?

It is an intercultural engagement program designed by the ICO to help KU international community find at least one activity each week to socialize, learn, and make friends. There are various activity types led by volunteer KU students, aka KU Guides. 

It aims to offer the KU community a new experience on a regular basis by bringing together groups of faculty, staff, students, researchers, and families to do activities on and off campus. KU Guides are meant to guide the KU international community members on their transitioning process to their new lives in Türkiye by organizing events, workshops, activities, and local tours.

Fall '23 Plan & KU Guides

The activity range is wide. The KU Guides and the ICO have been working together for the Fall ’23 schedule during the Spring ‘23. The schedule is ready and can be found below. Feel free to reach the KU Guide of the event you are interested in. There will be RSVP forms for each activity that you will be asked to sign in order to attend. 

Disclaimer: There are some costs that participants should pay themselves. For instance entry tickets, public transportation fees, etc. ICO and the KU Guides do not take any responsibility for the possible costs of the activities. The participant should pay for their own transportation and any amount required for the activities. Activity details, including possible costs, will be mentioned in each event announcement. Please pay attention to details. 

The ICO and the KU Guides reserve the right to change the schedule when necessary or required. It is important to note that participants should wait for the specific announcement of the event they want to attend.





Fri, October 6, Exploring Local Art at Beyoğlu Akbank Gallery AZADA
Sun, October 8, Beyoğlu Culture Route AYTAÇ
Fri, October 13, Cinematic Journey: Film Ekimi – Istanbul’s Premiere Showcase of Award-Winning and Oscar-Worthy Films ZEYNEP SUDE
Sat, October 14, Nature Picnic at Atatürk Arboretum or Belgrad Forest YASEMIN
Sun, October 15, Ancient Echoes: Exploring Istanbul Archeology Museum’s Timeless Artifacts ARDA
Fri, October 20, Going Back In Time: Sadberk Hanım Museum AZADA
Sat, October 21, Nature’s Haven: Maçka Park Picnic Retreat GÜLCE ZEYNEP
Thu, October 26, Pages Unbound: A Library Retreat for Studying and Serenity AZADA
Fri, October 27, Island Escape: Discovering Heybeliada’s Serene Beauty ZEYNEP SUDE
Sat, October 28, Anniversary of the Founding of the Turkish Republic Republic /No Classes.
Sun, October 29, Anniversary of the Founding of the Turkish Republic (Holiday)
Fri, November 3, Yeniköy Excursion: Exploring the Neighborhood GÜLCE ZEYNEP
Fri, November 10, Remembrance Day for Atatürk
Sun, November 12, Sarıyer Bosphorus Walk: Exploring the Scenic Path along the Bosphorus AYTAÇ
Mon, November 13,
Tue, November 14,
Wed, November 15,
Thu, November 16,
Fri, November 17,
Sat, November 25, Sarıyer Sahil or Beşiktaş Breakfast Delight: Enjoying a Scenic Turkish Morning Meal KAYRAHAN
Sat, December 2, Artistry and Serenity: Ortaköy Mosque and Ceramic Workshop Experience YASEMIN
Sun, December 3, #N/A
Sun, December 10, Treasure Trove Bazaar: Feriköy Flea Market Extravaganza GÜLCE ZEYNEP
Sat, December 16, Royal Escapade: Yıldız Park and Dolmabahçe Palace Tour YASEMIN
Sat, January 6, Crafted Perfection: Espresso Lab Merter’s Ceramic and Coffee Workshops ZEYNEP SUDE

Who are the KU Guides? Application for Spring '24

KU Guides are volunteer KU students who know the city, activities, and language well. They can come up with creative ideas to make. If you are international but believe in your knowledge and skills, you can apply as well.

A KU Guide should have:

  • Interest in learning or improving how to communicate with people from different backgrounds  
  • Interest in improving themselves in event planning
  • Interest in improving their written and spoken English 
  • Curiosity about history, cities, sites, and their stories
  • Occasional availability on weekends to volunteer
  • Ability to socialize and communicate with new people easily
  • Strong sense of responsibility and belief in the value of volunteerism, hospitality, diversity, and equality
  • Willingness to experience a professional environment while studying at KU

Expectations from a KU Guide:

  • Find volunteer guests (on or off-campus) to do engaging activities with the international community of KU and create a contact and activity database (Visiting a Turkish family home, going to a cultural/artistic show, cooking activity, exploring a museum, doing sightseeing, etc)
  • Administer sign-ups for events
  • Manage the social media posts and event announcement emails relating to the events
  • Prepare event details by filling out the Event Plan Form (Event descriptions, rules, and other details for participants) 
  • Be the Event Leader by leading the events, facilitating the communication, reminding the rules, keeping the group together, answering questions
  • Work closely with ICO staff in and outside the office 

What Does the Program Offer to Its Guides?

  • A certificate of participation at the end of the semester.
  • Registration on the Symplicity platform. It will help you list your volunteer work as a KU Guide on your Social Transcript if it will be available on your graduation.*
  • A joyful experience
  • A chance to meet locals and internationals to expand your network in a super-friendly environment
  • A window opening to new cultures and lifestyles

*If it will be ready by your graduation, the university is planning to provide a social transcript. The attendance of those students who are awarded a certificate will be indicated on this platform along with other extra-curricular activities they participated in during their time at KU.

How to Apply and How is the Selection Process? 

Those who want to be a KU Guide must apply through the application form linked here.

The application deadline for the Spring Term: January 10th, 2024

Application Form: 

After this deadline, the ICO staff will evaluate the applications and invite selected students for interviews. The office will then finalize the student selection process.

Have any further questions?

Create a Trackit through Dean of Students Trackit/ ICO Requests.