Dear KU International Community Members,

We hope that you and your beloved ones are doing well.

This announcement is to inform you that, from now on, the COVID-19 vaccines are available for foreigners who have residence permits in Turkey.

The Turkish Ministry of Health has already determined the order of groups for Turkish citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been administered to these groups in the order of priority accordingly. From now on, the residence permit holders are eligible for the vaccination as Turkish citizens, according to the order of priority listed here.

There are several ways to check your vaccination status and book an appointment if you are eligible.

Below you can find the related platforms:


1. To check status: SMS

You can check your vaccination status by sending an SMS to 2023 in the following format:


If the response reads “COVID-19 aşılaması için öncelikli grupta değilsiniz,” it means that your group is not prioritized at the moment. You can keep checking your group status.

If you are eligible, you should proceed with booking an appointment.

2. To check status and book an appointment: e-Nabiz (Either mobile app or website):

You can log into e-Nabiz through e-Devlet (e-Government). To learn more about e-Devlet, please click here. You can use e-Nabiz in English. To learn more about it, please click here.

3. To book an appointment: MHRS (Central Physician Appointment System)

Available both as a mobile app and website. You can log into the system through your e-Devlet credentials, or you can register as a new member. For FAQs about MHRS, please click here.

4. To book an appointment: 182 Appointment Line. The line is in Turkish so you might need a Turkish speaker.

For the vaccination groups, please click here.

For the official vaccination information platform and vaccine types, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding your health or need further information, you can consult the university’s health centers:

Fener (Main) Campus, by dialing university extension 1273 or 0212-338 1273 from mobile phones and external landlines.

West Campus, by dialing university extension 7000 or 0212-338 7000 from mobile phones and external landlines.

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Kind regards,

International Community Services Office