Reasons to register your address

Depending on the transaction you want to proceed, you might need to register your address. Below you can find several transactions that require an Address Registration Certificate:

  • Your residence permit renewal application,
  • Dependents’ residence permit renewal applications,
  • Invoice procedures (such as registering for a gas supplier if you rent a house),
  • Opening a bank account,
  • Getting married,
  • Other such bureaucratic procedures.

How to register your address

First of all, you need to have your foreign ID number to be able to register your address. It means that you need your residence permit card first.

Second, you need to start collecting the required documents. You need your residence permit card, passport and a photocopy of your passport ID page along with your housing document. If you stay at KU Housing (dorms or boardings), you must collect a housing document (in Turkish) from the KU Housing Department (Dorm Management). To do so, you can use the H- Track-it system and request a residency document. If you have housemates, their names must be in the document as well. In this regard, you must choose the option “change of address” as the reason for your request. If you chose the “other/visa” option, the document will not mention their names. If you stay off-campus, you must bring either your rental contract or a utility bill on your name. Please make sure that your address is explicitly written on the document you bring.

Finally, visit an office with the required documents to register your address.

The office you visit to register your address depends on which district you live in.

A. If you live in one of the districts below, you need to visit the Istanbul Immigration Department to register your address. There you need to go to the Student Office, 1st floor, room 106.

Districts: Sarıyer, Silivri, Çatalca, Arnavutköy, and Beykoz.

B. If you live in other districts than the aforementioned ones, you need to visit your district’s Civil Registry Office. For instance, if you live in Beşiktaş, you need to visit Beşiktaş Civil Registry (Nüfus Müdürlüğü) with the required documents.

Registering your dependents’ address: You and your spouse must visit the office together. Your child does not have to accompany you, bringing his/ her documents is enough. The required documents: your work permit card, your dependents’ residence permit cards, passports, apostilled marriage and birth certificates which are translated to Turkish and notarized.

How to collect an Address Registration Certificate

Address Registration Certificate can only be obtained from the e-Devlet (e-Government) platform if you have already registered your address. If not, you have to register your address first.