During the summer period, SRP application and document collection periods are: 

27 June – 9 July | 22-26 July | 5-9 August

You must apply for a student residence permit (SRP) before the expiry of your visa, visa exemption period, or residence permit card and your passport must be valid at least 60 days beyond the requested ending date of residence permit.

For renewal applications, you can start to apply 60 days prior to expiry at the earliest.

If you are going to freeze/suspend a semester or cancel your enrollment to KU, your SRP will be cancelled. For more information, visit our SRP FAQ page.

All student residence permit applications must be submitted to the ICO at the allocated submission dates mentioned below.
Getting your application made by an external agency is strictly illegal. SRP applications must be made by the student and submitted the university. Rejection of an SRP application will mean that you must leave the country immediately and cannot apply again for another 6 months which will mean that you will no longer be able to continue your courses. In such cases, we cannot provide assistance.
Important Information
  1. An application can only be made once you are in Türkiye and registered to KU. It is not possible to apply prior to arrival.
  2. In order to make an appointment, you need to enter Türkiye with your original passport. No other entry document is acceptable for residence permit applications.
  3. You cannot leave Türkiye before your application is approved. You may check our “Traveling While Your SRP Application is in Process” page for detailed information.
  4. While filling out the application form you may encounter system failures or other technical difficulties. You should change your browser/device and try again.
    • If you are still facing issues, you may call the Migration Directorate Hotline – 157. If you cannot receive an apt response, you may send us a screenshot via email (ico@ku.edu.tr) however keep in mind that we cannot resolve general issues in the Migration Directorate platform, we can only provide guidance.
  5. For renewal applications – In case of renewing passports within Türkiye, permit holders should update their passport information at Kumkapı Migration Office. If you have not updated your passport information at the Kumkapı Migration Office as mentioned on our SRP FAQ, on the online application form, you should use your old passport details and enter the new passport dates (date of issue and date of expiry). Please attach the photocopies of your old passport ID, last entry stamp, and visa pages to your application file in addition to the photocopies of your new passport.
  6. If you missed renewing your student residence permit prior to its expiry, you must make a FIRST-TIME APPLICATION. In this case, you will be subject to a fine for overstaying and have to write an excuse letter in Turkish. The fine amount will be given on the online application platform after you submit your application file to the ICO. It is essential for you to frequently check the status of your application.
Step 1 - Collecting the Required Documents
The Migration Officers may always ask for additional documents depending on the case. 

NEWUETS Document from PTT (only for renewal applications) – You can visit Sarıyer PTT with your passport and residence permit card and say “Göç İdaresi için UETS belgesi almak istiyorum”. Once you fill out their form, they will give you the necessary document. The document they give should have a “e-Tebligat adresi” starting with “42”.

4 biometric headshots – in ICAO standards taken within the last six months (biometric self-service photo booth is available on campus athe Student Center, lower first floor) 

Passport photocopies after arriving in Türkiye ID page, last entry stamp page for Türkiye, visa (if you have), e-visa (if you have, if obtained due to having “a valid Schengen members or USA, UK, Ireland visa or residence permit”, a copy of this visa or RP is also required)

Photocopy of your previous residence permit card – if you had one (both sides of the residence permit card copy should be on one A4-size paper)

Student Enrollment Verification in Turkish

  • If you did not have a residence permit before: you should request through the KUSIS system and collect from the Registrar’s Office (click here to watch how to do it).

If you are an exchange student, you should mention that it should also include the end date of your mobility.

You must collect the original certificate with a hand signature and stamp on it one day after your request from the Registrar’s Office. A copy or printout is not accepted.

If the document is missing your foreign ID number (TCKN), please indicate it immediately to the Registrar’s Office.

  • If you had a residence permit before: you should obtain your Student Enrollment Verification (Öğrenci Belgesi) and transcript from the e-Devlet  (click here to see how). Exchange students should follow option A. even if you had a residence permit before.

Address Certificate

  • If you did not have a Turkish residence permit card before;

KU Dorms: Residence Certificate (in Turkish) from the KU Housing Directorate by making a request through H-Track-it. (In the “TC” section, you can add your passport/residence permit number.)

Off-Campus Housing:

– If you stay at a non-KU dorm –> letter of stay and authorized signature list (imza sirküleri) or “İşyeri Açma Ve Çalışma Ruhsatı Belgesi”

– If you rent a flat –> photocopy of notary made rental agreement 

If the rental contract is in the parent’s names and their names are written on the student’s passport, they can add a copy of the parents’ passport as proof. If the parents’ names are not available on the passport, a family document, a birth certificate, or similar confirming documents are required. The confirming documents must be apostilled in the home country, translated into Turkish, and notarized in Türkiye.

– If you stay with someone and the rental contract is not in your name –> a photocopy of the commitment letter (taahhütname) and the additional documents. For the instructions and the full list of required additional documents for taahhütname click here

– If you stay at a Airbnb (not recommended) –> photocopy of notary made rental agreement OR a photocopy of commitment letter (taahhütname) from your host with the additional documents. For the instructions and the full list of required additional documents for taahhütname click here

– If you stay at a hotel (not recommended) –> agreement letter that shows your stay, the payment receipt (should be the entire semester), and the authorized signature list (imza sirküleri) or “İşyeri Açma Ve Çalışma Ruhsatı Belgesi”.

For the detailed documents, visit this page and check out our Off-Campus Housing Guide, page 10 to learn your options.

If you have not yet registered your address and you possess a valid residence permit, please proceed immediately to register your address for the address registration certificate. Address registration is an obligation by law!

If you did not register your address and you do not have a valid residence permit, you should submit either a Residence Certificate in Turkish (requested through H-Track-it) if you stay at KU dorm, or a notarized rental contract or taahhütname (commitment letter). For taahhütname and notarized rental contract, please click here to ensure you do not miss any details.

Health Insurance Documents

Health insurance: A Turkish health insurance policy that is valid for the duration of your study period at KU (SGK preferred for degree-seeking students).

If you are insured by KU as a graduate/post-graduate studentyou should request the health insurance cover letter and policy from Human Resources (HR) by emailing catespare@ku.edu.tr at least one week before and pick up the signed and stamped hard copiesIf you do not know whether you are insured by KU, you may check the Acceptance Letter you received upon enrolment and/or consult your program advisor.

Receipt of 565₺ Card Fee payment – you have 2 options:

  • Online (not for exchange students): You can pay at the Interactive Tax Office website as shown in the guide in Step 2 after collecting all other documents.
  • Sarıyer Tax Office: Obtain your tax ID number, visit the Sarıyer Tax Office, and make the payment for the 9207 reference code. Please make sure you have a stamp on the receipt. If not, please ask for a stamp by saying “Makbuza mühür basar mısınız?”. (If you are under 18, make sure to go with a relative/friend who can use their tax ID number instead.)
Additional Documents

* If you are below the age of 18 who arrived to Türkiye without a student consular visa, you must bring two additional documents:

  1. Apostilled birth certificate in Turkish (doğum belgesi)
  2. Apostilled consent letter signed by both parents in Turkish (muvafakatname)


You may find all relevant information on the Pre-Arrival Resources page.

* If you completed the online application after your residence permit/visa expired, you are required to submit a Letter of Excuse in Turkish with supporting documents. If you do not have any Turkish-speaking friends, we can help you write the petition. You can find an excuse letter sample in Word format to edit it here.

* If you studied at a Turkish university before, you are also required to submit a Graduation or Deregistration Letter as mentioned on the Transfer Students page.

Step 2 - Completing Online Application
Online Application Completion Dates (Summer): 27 June – 9 July | 22-26 July | 5-9 August

You should only complete the online applications on the given dates mentioned. You must also make sure that you apply before your visa/visa exemption/residence permit expires.

Exchange Students must apply for a Short-Term Residence Permit and pay for the card fee in person as explained in the guide.

Step 3 - Getting Biometrics Registered
Before you submit your documents to the ICO, you must get your biometrics scanned at the Migration Office in Fatih. Once you do, they will write a scan number on your online application form, which is needed to complete your application. You must do this process even if you had a residence permit before.

Documents to take with you:

  • Passport & residence permit card (if you have one)
  •  Online Application Form Printout
  •  Student Enrollment Verification


Location: İstanbul İl Goç İdaresi Müdürlüğü, Hirka – İ Şerif Mahallesi, Vatan Caddesi No: 64/34091, Fatih/İstanbul

Time: Workdays, 08:30-11:30, 12:30-16:00


When you visit, you can say: “Öğrenci ikamet başvurum için parmak izi vermeye geldim (I came to get my fingerprints scanned for my student residence permit application)”.

Step 4 - Submitting Completed Folder to the ICO
Document Submission Dates (Summer): 27 June – 9 July | 22-26 July | 5-9 August


You should come to the submission dates to submit:

  1. All documents mentioned under “Step 1”
  2. Your passport and previous residence permit card (if you had one)
  3. Online application form printout
  4. 2 copies of the Declaration Form (should be printed on both sides of the page and filled out by hand, do not check the boxes)


IMPORTANT: The Migration Office always reserves the right to invite you for an interview. You should stay updated with your SMSes.

Book an Appointment
Step 5 - Picking up your Confirmation Slip
Once the ICO submits your application to the Migration Office, they will be given a confirmation slip. You will receive an email to pick this up from the ICO.

The confirmation slip will be proof that you applied for the SRP and should be kept with you at all times. You may take a copy and a photo of it for safekeeping as well.

If your document had missing documents upon the Migration Office visit, the ICO will email you with details on how to proceed.