Wait Time and Tracking

Once your Student Residence Permit (SRP) application is submitted to the Migration Directorate, it will take a few weeks to be processed. It is solely your responsibility to stay updated by following the information on our “Tracking SRP Application” page.

After submitting your documents to the Migration Directorate, it will take approximately 30-60 days to receive your SRP card.

Delivery and Collection Process

The address given in the “Contact Details in Türkiye” section of the online application form will be the delivery address of your SRP card. 

If you put the address of the university, your SRP card will be delivered to the Registrar’s Office (Kayıt ve Öğrenci İşleri Direktörlüğü) and you will be sent an email once it is ready to be collected. Once you receive the email, you can pick it up from them at ELC Building, Ground Floor.

If you did not put the university address on your application form, you can find the tracking number of the card on the e-ikamet website once it is sent or by calling 157. Then you can track it on the National Postal Service (PTT) tracking page (you can call 444 1788 PTT for tracking inquiries). Once you receive your card, make sure to email a copy of your card (scan or a photo of both sides) to the Registrar’s Office for them to take care of the official records. 

Visiting student, post-doc researcher, and faculty family member residence permit cards will still be collected from ICO if they provide the university address on their online applications.

If you do not receive your SRP within 2 months after application, please contact us by creating a Trackit request through Dean of Students Trackit / ICO Requests.

Important Notes

  • Please refrain from inquiring about your SRP at the Registrar’s Office or emailing them as they only hand in your cards but do not track your application status.
  • When your SRP arrives at the Registrar’s Office from PTT, the personnel will make a copy of it and enter your information on the Higher Education Council’s database called YÖKSİS. Once this is done, the number on your SRP starting with “99” will also be integrated as your YÖKSİS number.
  • The email ID’s of the staff who will notify you about the delivery of your SRP are dcanbulat@ku.edu.tr (Davut Canbulat) and emkilic@ku.edu.tr (Emrah Kilic). Please note these email addresses and make sure you are safely receiving their emails.
  • Your SRP can only be collected by yourself. If there is any specific reason that you cannot collect your SRP yourself, you must email registrar@ku.edu.tr for your questions. 
  • If you did not give the university’s address on the application form, send a scan of the front and back of your SRP card once you receive it to registrar@ku.edu.tr.