All residents in Türkiye, local and international, are obliged to register their current addresses by law.

You are required to register your address after collecting your work/residence permit cards.

If you move to a different location, you must update your address registration either through e-Devlet or in person at the Migration Directorate linked to your district (see the list below, under Article 2).

Students who are under the age of 18 should wait until they are of age to complete this process.

1. Collect the required documents

1. Residence permit card and its photocopy (both sides)

2. Passport and a photocopy of your passport ID page 

3. Student Enrollment Certificate (for students)

You can download it from the e-Devlet (e-Government) platform. Please click here to learn how to do so.

You can also request it through the KUSIS system (Click here to watch how to do it) Please make sure that the certificate is in Turkish.

4. Housing Documents:

The Migration Officers always reserve the right to ask for additional documents.  

If you live in a KU Dorm Unit: You should submit a Residence Certificate in Turkish which you can request through H-Track-it.

– Make sure to apply in advance as the document preparation may take a few days.

The document must be hand-signed and stamped and you should collect it from the Housing Directorate.

If you live off-campus:

Private dorm: You must present letter of stay and authorized signature list (imza sirküleri) or “İşyeri Açma Ve Çalışma Ruhsatı Belgesi” from the dorm authorities.

Living as a Tenant: You must present a proper notary-made rental contract (original and photocopy of all pages) and a utility bill (water, gas, or electricity) as mentioned on our Obtaining Official Documents page.

– The Migration Officers might ask all individuals listed on the rental contract to attend the registration process.

– If the apartment is seen as empty (there is no one registered at that address), registration may require either DASK (mandatory earthquake insurance) or a photocopy of the official deed (tapu). These two documents can be requested from the homeowner.

If the bills are in the homeowner’s name, this should be specified in the rental contract. If this declaration is not present, then at least one utility should be transferred or the homeowner and tenant should go to the notary and create a commitment letter (taahhütname) there.

– If the tenant is residing in an apartment complex and all of the bills are shared payments (water, electricity or gas), a document is required from the site management explaining this situation along with a payment receipts.

If the rental contract is in the parent’s names then they need to provide additional documents. If their names are written on the tenant’s passport, they can add a copy of the parents’ passport as proof. If the parents’ names are not available on the passport, a family document, a birth certificate, or similar confirming documents are required. The confirming documents can be obtained at the consulate or must be apostilled in the home country, translated into Turkish, and notarized in Türkiye.

Living in Someone Else’s Flat: If you live with another person without your name written on the contract, you should present a taahütname (commitment letter) along with the required documents on the Obtaining Official Documents page. The person you live with should also come with you to get your address registered along with the required documents listed.

Owning a flat: You must present your certificate of ownership (tapu) along with a utility bill. If the certificate does not have your address written out in detail, you also need to present a numartaj belgesi.

2. Visit the Migration Office

You should go to the relevant Migration Office covering your district to complete the process. According to the authorities, there are daily limits on registering addresses hence it is best to go early in the morning, around 8 AM. Please note that there are specific transaction times that differ for each office.

Below you can find Turkish phrases to show or read to an officer:

Merhaba! Koç Üniversitesi’nden geliyorum ve adres kaydımı yaptırmak istiyorum. Yardımcı olur musunuz lütfen? Teşekkürler.

(Hello! I am coming from KU and want to register my address. Could you help me? Thank you.)


List of Migration Offices by Districts

Addresses of the Migration Offices

Registering Your Dependents’ Address
After registering your address and collecting your dependents’ residence permit cards, you can register your dependents at your home address. To do so, you and your spouse should visit the related Migration Office (İl Göç İdaresi) together with the required documents. To find the correct office, see the list linked under Article 2 above.

If you have not registered your address yet, you are eligible to do so with your dependents. For this, you can visit the related Migration Office with them and request the officer to register both you and your dependents at your address by declaring their relation to you (spouse or child) at your visit. Please remember that they must have their residence permit cards to proceed.

Your spouse must accompany you to the Migration Office while your children do not need to. Bringing their documents is enough.

Required Documents

1. Above given documents for your address registration (if you have not registered yet)

2. Your work/residence permit card

3. Your dependents’ residence permit cards

4. Your and your dependents’ passports

5. A photocopy of the translated and notarized apostilled marriage certificate for your spouse’s registration (a copy of the one you submitted in their permit application)

6. A photocopy of translated and notarized birth certificates of your children for their registration (a copy of the one you submitted in their permit applications)

You may read out or hand in the following text that reads “Hello! I’m coming from KU and want to register my family members at my home address. Could you help us? Thank you.“ to an officer there:

“Merhaba! Koç Üniversitesi’nden geliyorum. Aile üyelerimi adresime kayıt ettirmek için geldim. Yardımcı olur musunuz lütfen? Teşekkürler.”

After registering your address, you can download an official Address Registration Document with a barcode from e-Devlet.

Obtaining Address Registration Document