Dear International Students and Researchers,

After several meetings with the migration authorities both in Istanbul and Ankara, we are glad to announce that our advocacy for the families of students and researchers resulted in success.

From now on, the migration authorities in Istanbul will accept the short-term touristic residence permit applications of students’ and researchers’ family members (Spouses and children only- as before) on condition.

They noted that the applications would be evaluated case by case, and there is no guarantee that all applications will result positively.

Please do keep in mind that the regulations are subject to change, and how to proceed is on the officers’ initiative. The authority on the residence permits is solely on the Presidency of Migration Management, the Ministry of Interior. We, as the ICO, can only communicate the changes to you and guide you for your best.


The primary residence holders (Students or researchers) must prove that they have the financial ability to support their family members in Türkiye.

  • If you have a scholarship, this must be mentioned in your Student Enrollment Certificate.
    • Researchers must provide an official document issued by the institute they receive scholarships. It must declare the monthly amount, be in Turkish, and either hand or electronic signed with a barcode on it. 
  • If not, or if you want to provide extra proof, you must have a bank statement from a Turkish bank. The statement must be in Turkish and hand signed with an authorized signatures list. There is no certain amount given by the authorities, but the amount in your account must be sufficient enough to financially assist your family and your life in Türkiye during the requested permit period.  

For any questions, as always, please contact us via 

We wish them a smooth application process.

International Community Services Office (ICO)