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Spring ’24 KU Guides Event #10| Little Neighborhoods of Anatolian Side Tour

Join our KU Guide, Elif Özlem, for an unforgettable summer adventure exploring Istanbul's Anatolian side—enjoy delicious food, stunning views, and vibrant culture all in one day!

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Spring ’24 KU Guides Event #9| Picnic in Nişantaşı’s Maçka Democracy Park

Escape to Maçka Park this Saturday with our KU Guide, Gülce! Discover the park’s rich history, explore winding pathways, and unwind amidst lush greenery. Join us and experience the beauty of nature in the heart of Istanbul.

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Spring ’24 KU Guides Event #8| Beykoz Glass and Crystal Museum Trip

Discover the shimmering world of Turkish glass and crystal at Beykoz Museum this Sunday! Join our KU Guide, Eren, for a day of art and elegance amidst the tranquil Beykoz grove.

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Spring ’24 KU Guides Event #7| Visiting Casa Botter

Step into the captivating world of Istanbul's historic fashion and art at Casa Botter! Immerse yourself in the elegance and creativity of Ottoman heritage with our KU Guide, Gülce.

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Spring ’24 KU Guides Event #6| Turkish Breakfast in Beşiktaş

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Istanbul's gastronomic paradise with our KU Guide, Özge! Join us for an amazing Turkish breakfast!

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