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Fall ’23 KU Guides Event #12| Bosphorus Bliss Expedition

Join our KU Guide, Aytaç, for a day of exploration, delicious eats, and the stunning beauty of the Bosphorus with the Long Bosphorus Tour!

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Fall ’23 KU Guides Event #11| Balat Cultural Tour: Exploring Heritage Sites and Mazat Experience

Get ready to journey through the enchanting streets of Fener, where history meets vibrant culture. Join our KU Guide, Zeynep Sude for a day filled with exploration, stunning visuals, and unforgettable experiences!

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Fall ’23 KU Guides Event #10| Yeniköy Excursion: Exploring the Neighborhood

Escape to the serene shores of the Bosphorus and experience Istanbul's hidden gems on an exclusive Yeniköy Ferry Tour like never before with our KU Guide, Gülce.

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Fall ’23 KU Guides Event #9| Pages Unbound: A Library Retreat for Studying & Serenity

Unlock a world of knowledge beyond the classroom with our KU Guide Azada. Join us this Friday as we visit the historic SALT Galata library and explore its remarkable architecture.

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Fall ’23 KU Guides Event #8| Sarıyer Brunch Delight: Enjoying a Scenic Turkish Meal

Embrace a perfect Sunday in Sarıyer with our KU Guide Kayrahan as we savor börek at the historic Bilice Börek Shop and cultivate connections over coffee by the picturesque Former Büyükdere Pier.

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