What is e-Devlet (e-Government)?

e-Devlet is a resource providing access to government services. In order to use the system, you need to first receive your residence permit.

Through the platform, you can individually collect your Address Registration Certificate, Social Security Activation Document and much more.

Children under 15 cannot log into the platform as individuals. Instead, their parents can collect documents for their children if the children have their foreign ID numbers and are registered to an address.


How to Log into the e-Devlet Platform

If you are an internet banking customer of a Turkish bank, you do not need to obtain an e-Devlet password. You can enter the platform with your internet banking credentials. Once you enter the e-Devlet website, you will see an internet banking option to enter the platform. Select that option, choose your bank and proceed.

Otherwise, you do need an e-Devlet password.


How to Obtain an e-Devlet Password

To obtain your password, you have to visit a PTT branch (post office). You will need:

  • Active Turkish phone number
  • Your passport
  • Your residence permit card
  • 20 TL

You may ask the staff member for a password by saying “e-Devlet şifresi almak istiyorum”. They will then ask for your Turkish phone number and will send your password as a text message.

The closest PTT branch (post office) to KU main campus is the Sarıyer PTT. You can find the address and detailed information on our Directions for Important Places page.

For any questions about obtaining the password, you can contact PTT.