Students need to stay abreast of the immigration regulations and their legal status in Turkey. On this page, you will find the most up-to-date information about the residence permit renewal process.

The earliest renewal application can be made 60 days before the expiration date of your residence permit. Students apply for an extension by themselves online. To prevent loss or misplacement of residence permit upon delivery, always use the university address as your home address. After completing the application form, please print it out, sign the signature field on the 1st page and submit it along with the other documents to the ICO on the announced document submission date and time.

Missed renewing your permit, and it has not been longer than a month? You must make a FIRST TIME APPLICATION. In this case, you will be subject to a fine for overstaying and have to write an excuse letter in Turkish.

Permit applications with missing documents are not accepted. Please make sure that you double-check your documents with the list of required documents. All photocopies should be taken separately to A4 size papers. Having a missing document will cause you to wait until next month’s document submission day. If your visa or permission to stay without a visa period expires, this delay may result in a fine that you will need to pay. So, this is very important to make sure your documents are complete.
SRP Renewal Guide for International Degree Students
Advising & Document Submission/Review Hours

ADVISING & DOCUMENT SUBMISSION/REVIEW HOURS: As we have transitioned to a new way of working during COVID-19, we keep our advising hours (between 3- 5 PM) for online advising during each workweek. If you would like to have a live meeting with us, please make an appointment in advance by sending an email to Each meeting will be limited to 15 minutes.

Document submissions are once a month. The date and time of the month are announced on our website (News & Announcement section), Instagram accountBi-Weekly News, and our temporary WhatsApp group. Please join the group to have direct, instant communication. Missing the document submission day of the month means you have to wait until the next submission date (next month)

URGENT TRAVELS WHILE WAITING: Please see Traveling While Your SRP Application is in Process web page.

TRACKING YOUR APPLICATION STATUS: Please see Residence Permit Applications’ Follow-up Method web page.

QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION: If you have an extraordinary situation about your application, if your application is denied, canceled or you are asked to take further action, please dial the official 157 Immigration Hotline.

Renewal with a new passport

If you have never traveled with your new passport:

You should use your old passport number and enter the dates of your new passport (date of issue and date of expiry).

In this case, please attach the photocopies of your old passport ID, last entry stamp, and visa pages to your application file.

If you have used your new passport while entering Turkey

You can enter your new passport information.

Important Notes on Filling out the Online Application Form
  1. Visit, chose “I Apply for the Extension of the Duration of Residence Permit” and start filling out the form.
  2. If you are an exchange student, select “SHORT TERM/ touristic” as the application type instead of “STUDENT”. Do not pay the residence card fee through the platform. Instead, you can pay the fee to Yapi Kredi Bank at the main campus (Student Center lower 1st floor) with your foreign ID number for the 9267- reference code. If you are below 18, you are not authorized to pay the card fee for your-self. Therefore, you may ask for a relative or a friend of yours to pay your card fee on your name with your tax ID number.
  3. If you are an international student (BA, MSc, Ph.D.), select “STUDENT” as the application type. You can pay the residency card fee online with your credit card. If not, you can pay it via either Ziraat BankHalk Bank, or Vakıf Bank with your foreign ID number for the 9267-reference code. If you are below 18, you are not authorized to pay the card fee for your-self. Therefore, you may ask for a relative or a friend of yours to pay your card fee on your name with your tax ID number.
  4. It is necessary to upload your biometric head-shot in ICAO standards taken within the last six months to the form. Please have your head-shot photograph in the JPEG version available on your computer.
  5. If you are not insured by the uni/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/ICAO-Standards.pdfversity, you must obtain your private health insurance covering the period you are applying for your residency.
  6. It is necessary to attach your Insurance Policy while applying for an appointment. So, make sure your Insurance Policy is ready in a PDF format to upload to the system. If you cannot upload your policy, you can select SSI (Social Security Institution) and proceed.
  7. If you are insured by the university, you can choose SSI (Social Security Institution) for your health insurance.
  8. Applicants can not depart from Turkey until their applications are evaluated. Otherwise, their applications will be automatically canceled.
  9. While filling out the online form, you should choose the KU main campus address (specified in the instructions guides) regardless of your residential address in Turkey. It is essential for your card to be sent to the Registrar’s Office for them to register your ID and to prevent any loss or misplacements upon delivery.
  10. Once your online application is complete, you should print it out, sign the signature field on the 5th page, and submit it along with all your documents to the International Office (ICO) right away without waiting for an appointment date. The ICO submits the applications to the Immigration Directorate once a month. Since we work from home because of COVID-19, we set a specific date and time to accept the permit application documents each month. The date and time of the month are announced on our Instagram account, KU Daily, and our WhatsApp group. For those who will submit their application documents to us, we created a special temporary WhatsApp group. Please join the group to have direct, instant communication. Missing the document submission day of the month will mean that you have to wait until the next submission date (next month). Avoid this especially if you have little time left before your residence permit expires.
  11. If you indicated any wrong data into your online application form, you need to cancel it and apply it again. For the Instructions Guide to Cancel Residence Permit Application, please click here.
Full List of Required Documents
1 . A printout copy of the online application form. Do not forget to sign the signature field on the 1st page.

2. A printout copy or a screenshot showing that you filled out the Residence Permit Document Submission Google Form. You must fill out this form before you visit our office for document submission. ICO will not accept the permit application documents of those applicants who can not show that they filled out the form.

3 . Student Enrollment Verification in Turkish that indicates your foreign ID number that starts with 99, which should be registered at the YÖKSİS (Database of Higher Education Council.)

Our first recommendation for you to obtain your Student Enrollment Certificate is the e-Devlet (e-Government) platform. Please click here to learn how to do so. You can download and print it out.

If you can not, you can request it through the KUSIS system and collect it from the Registrar’s Office (click here to watch how to do it). In this process, you should mention in your request that the enrollment certificate is for your residence permit application and it must include your foreign ID number that starts with 99 (Which should be identical to your YÖKSİS number.) Please indicate your 99 number in your request in case the Registrar’s Office is missing it. If your certificate is missing your 99 number, please immediately email a scan of your residence permit card to the Registrar’s Office to update your YÖKSİS number. Then, you can collect the original certificate with a hand signature and stamp on it from the Registrar’s office one day after your request. A copy or printout is not accepted.

4 . 4 biometric headshots in ICAO standards taken within the last six months. A biometric self-service photo booth is available on campus (Student Center, lower 1st floor). 

5 . Receipt of 125₺ Card Fee payment. You have 3 options:

A. Online if only you are a full-time student:

1. Visit

2. Press the “Göç İdaresi İkamet Tezkeresi Harç Ödeme” button.

3. Type the Tahakkuk no (Accrue no) into the “Başvuru Numarası” box and then the verification code as seen below the Başvuru Numarası box.

4. Your accrue no is indicated in your application form, 1st page.

5. Please download and print out the receipt once you are done with the payment.

6. If you are paying it with a foreign card, select the “Foreigner Payment” section and proceed. Make sure that your card is open to international transactions.

7. Note that you should pay only the card fee (125₺), not the application fee. If this online option asks you to pay the application fee as well, please log off and refer to the first two options.

B. To Sarıyer Tax Office:

Visit Sarıyer Tax Office and make the payment for the 9207 reference code with your foreign ID number. Please make sure you have a stamp on the receipt. If not, please ask for a stamp (in TR.: Makbuza mühür basar mısınız?)

C. To one of the given government banks:

You can pay the fee to either Ziraat BankHalk Bank, or Vakıf Bank with your foreign ID number for the 9267 reference code. Please make sure you have a stamp on the receipt. If not, please ask for a stamp (in TR.: Makbuza mühür basar mısınız?)

6 . Health Insurance Documents

A. If you are not insured by KU: Private health insurance policy which covers the period you are applying for your residency

B. If you are  insured by KU:

Originally signed health insurance policy to be obtained from the human resources office. Request by emailing (

Letter from human resources ensuring the extension of the health insurance upon expiration. Request letter by emailing (

Health Insurance Compliance Document filled out by you (can be found here – sample form can be found here).

If you do not know whether you are insured by KU or not, you may check the Acceptance Letter you received upon enrolment.

7 . Address Certificate

A. Address Registration Certificate can only be obtained from the e-Devlet (e-Government) platform if you have already registered your address. If not, you have to register your address first.

B. If you do not have a valid residence permit, you can not register your address. In this case, you can provide the Financial Statement-Address Declaration Document (can be found here – sample form here.) You must register your address immediately after you receive your new permit card.

8. Passport photocopies after arriving in Turkey (ID page, visa page if you got a visa, last entry stamp page for Turkey.) Please make sure that all the photocopies are separately taken to separate A4- size papers.

9. Photocopy of your previous residence permit card. Both sides of the residence permit card copy should be on one A4-size paper.

Additional Document:

* If you are a transfer student (studied at another Turkish university before) you are also required to submit a Graduation or Deregistration Letter.